Wednesday, October 18, 2017

NEW SHADES ADDED: Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Lip in Luxe Liquid Lipstick Collection

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I am soooo excited to share with you this news regarding one of my favorite liquid lipsticks. I was actually surprised and excited when I saw their Facebook ad featuring the new shades of Ellana Mineral Cosmetic's Lip in Luxe Liquid Lipstick range. As some of you may know, I bought the first four shades last December. I think I bought it a few days after they were first released! Haha! You can check them out HERE. Those shades consisted of mostly nude-ish colors and a bold, blue-toned red (which became an instant favorite). Now, Ellana added more colors to this collection—they are a mix of rosy hues and sexy reds.

I was given four shades by brand owner, Theresa Carbonel-Buenaflor. I was so surprised when I received a message from her telling me this generous offer. I've been a fan of their products since the first time I used them and their liquid lipsticks have been one of my favorites. I've been meaning to buy them before I learned that they'll give me some of the shades. I just feel so fortunate that I want to spread more joy to my readers by sharing with you the swatches and what to expect from these new beautiful lippies.

Two weeks ago, I received the package containing these four tubes. Since then, I used them almost every time I go out of the house! 

Just like what it says on the box, I gotta start each day with my favorite lippie and a beautiful smile—and that's what I did for the past two weeks! 

It's pretty much the same formula as before:
Creamy Matte
Smudge-proof—it lasts all day!
Made with vegan ingredients

I know that wearing matte liquid lipsticks can dry the lips and make them chap, but I can honestly say that Ellana's liquid lipsticks are one of the few matte lippies that I've used that do not dry my lips as much. Just exfoliate and moisturize your lips and apply this and achieve a perfect pout.

I also love that it has a life span of three years! Hooray! 

The shades that I will be sharing with you are
(From right to left)
Love is the Answer
Love is Noble
Love is Pure
Love is Sincere

There are actually five new shades but one of them, Love is the Reason, was already out of stock. Don't worry though, I still plan on buying one to complete my collection! ;)

The packaging is still the same with the clear tube with gold labels and a black cap. I like that the tube is cuboid or a rectangular cube. It sets it apart from most liquid lipsticks that have cylindrical shapes.

It's equipped with a doe-foot applicator. I like this because it carries enough product to coat both lips without redipping. I sometimes add another coat for a longer staying power.

Now, for the swatches:
Love is the Answer, Love is Noble, Love is Pure, Love is Sincere

I test the staying power of these liquid lipsticks by smudging and introducing substances...

Rubbing the swatches didn't do anything on the swatches.

Rubbing while wet with water also didn't do anything. Waterproof--check!

If you use mild cleansers like Physiogel, well, let me tell you that that's not enough to remove these babies! Rubbing it with Physigel cleanser didn't even create a smudge from any of the shades.

Finally, I used a makeup remover (oil-based) and it finally moved.

I had to massage the makeup remover a few times to completely remove the swatches.

So if you like long-lasting makeup, then these liquid lipsticks are the things that you might want to check out. All of the shades can last the whole day on me, except maybe when I eat something soup-based like ramen or I pig out on oily things like fried chicken (ha ha ha!).
Now I'll share with you individual photos of the lippies on my lips and how I look wearing them, starting with the pinks...
Love is the Answer

It has an old rose shade.

I love wearing this shade! It's not as vibrant as the reds but it has this classy feel to it.

Love is Noble

It's like a mix of a dark fuchsia and plum shades

I like how it compliments my warm skin. 

Love is Pure

It's a beautiful persian red shade.

I love this color! It's not a common red lipstick shade! I like me some blue-toned reds, but this is just a different kind of red and I really, really like it!

Love is Sincere

It's the classic red! 

It's a red that I can use for any occassions! 

These babies costs PhP 499.00. I find these liquid lipsticks as good investments, especially if you're an on-the-go person because it's easy to apply and lasts long. It's of good quality, quite affordable, and has a life span of three years. With all these in mind, what's not to like? If you're scared that it will dry your lips, continuous use can do that. BUT moisturizing with a lip balm and exfoliating your lips can keep your lips soft and smooth. If you have chappy lips, these will make the dryness more obvious. So take care of your lips and these liquid lipsticks will look like perfection! It can also double as a cheek tint, but I have yet to try that. I usually wear medium-heavy coverage foundations so tints aren't something I use often. :P

You may find me praising this product too much, but what can I say? I have nothing ill to say about this it. Lip in Luxe still remains a favorite of mine among my makeup stash!

Thought on these new shades? Comment below!


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