Monday, October 31, 2016

Makeup Experiment #17 (Disney Edition): Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

Hello loves!!

Happy halloween!

And because so many people in my Facebook Timeline are posting their Halloween makeup and costumes, I thought of blogging a makeup experiment once again. It's been almost a year (it will exactly be a year if I were to post this tomorrow) since I posted a makeup experiment and I actually have the same model! Haha! (Thanks, Gucci, for being game to do all these crazy looks with me)

Anyway, for this makeup experiment, Gucci and I chose Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas as our inspiration. The movie has been one of the model's favorite Disney films growing up!

Here's how our experiment turned out...

And here's a photo of Sally for comparison:

I have been planning to do a Disney-inspired makeup experiment for two years now. I actually have three makeovers ready but I haven't selected and edited the photos that I will post. Do expect them to appear on this blog soon though. For now, I hope you enjoy this Sally-inspired makeup! :)

Here's Gucci without the makeup (she's the one at the left next to me and Liz)

Makeup by : Me 
Hairstyle : That's Gucci's real hair and we didn't expect that the color is close to Sally's
Model : Gucci
Photos by : Me
Place taken : My room (the colored background is my painting)

I didn't exactly copied Sally's look. I added some personal touches here and there. :P

And I also added a behind the scene photo of Gucci taking a selfie! LOL 

That's our makeup experiments! I hope you enjoyed this look. If you have questions about the look or what makeup I used, do comment below! 

Please stay tuned for my other Disney-themed makeup experiments! <3 font="">



  1. Awesome! You did such a great job! I've never experimented with face paints/creams but would love to try them.

    1. You should! It's a whole level of makeup application! It's like playing and your makeup is your "weapon" and you get to use up all your creative juices!