Monday, February 20, 2017

Review : MSH Love Liner Liquid in Rich Black

Hello dearies!

I've been a fan of eyeliners from Japanese brands for years, and that is why when I have friends who go to the Land of the Rising Sun, I usually request them to buy me one. This product that I'll be sharing is one of the products that a friend bought me during her trip to Japan some months ago.

MSH Love Liner Liquid in Rich Black

I'm not sure how much she bought this but when I was in Tokyo last January, it costs around PhP800.00 when converted from yen and it's included in their bestsellers too.

At first I was doubtful if this were any good. I wasn't aware of the brand unlike the other liners my friend bought for me—Dolly Wink and K Palette. That's why it took a while before I opened this one. :P

But before I continue with my review, let's check out the product info:

The labels are in Japanese so I can't understand them so I tried googling. Here's the product description from the website:

The best color development in love liner! Eye liner that does not fail ☆ 
Gentle to the eyes with plenty of moisturizing ingredients, durability · coloring UP!Impression of eyes Newly! A new color "Dark Brown" is born!

  • Durability & coloring keeping power!
  • Aluminum bottle with a heavy feeling!
  • Easy to sweat · sebum · Easy to tears Make-off!
  • Moisturizing ingredients High makeup makes your makeup moist!

Here's are the labels around the product:

I actually love the packaging. I appreciate the usual eyeliner pens that are light in weight but I like the aluminum look and the heavier weight because it resembles the drawing pens that I usually use when I draw in terms of weight and thickness.

I also like the part that it is sort of stainless. It's quite different from the designs of most eyeliners because of the metallic surface and the rose gold color which I absolutely like.

The tip is a brush that is soft enough to easily apply the liner smoothly, but stiff enough that it's easy to control. It's just the right kind of applicator that I like when it comes to eyeliner pens.

The tip is thin enough to create a beautiful winged liner too. I have tried liners that are thinner but this one is just right for me.

With one swatch, you get this color:

It's quite buildable too. It's not as black as, let's say gel liners, but I'm very satisfied with the blackness of this eyeliner. There's minimal shine, but it still looks great. It also dries fast after application so no need to wait too long to open your eyes.

I tried rubbing it a few times and nothing happened.

I tried rubbing it while wet and it's still there.

Some of the came off when I rubbed it hard while wet.
(But I doubt you'd rub your eye as hard as I did)

Here's how it looks when I apply it:

The lasting power is pretty impressive. I think this one is by far the best I've tried! Why? It can last the whole day, even when my lids get oily. My eyeshadow is already ruined, but my liner still looks great! Even when I travel and been walking and sweating all day long, my eyeliner is still intact! 

What's even more impressive is that even if it lasts long, it's easy to remove with cleanser or makeup remover! No more tugging of skin! I only use my Physiogel Cleanser on a cotton pad and it gets completely removed. Awesome, right?

So to summarize:

What I LIKE:

- Long-lasting
- Sweat-proof and can even last on my oily lids
- Packaging
- Glides smoothly
- I'm satisfied at how black it is
- Dries easily after application
- Price is quite fair


- Not available in the Philippines :(

Will I buy again? Oh I definitely will!
I recommend you try this. I love this so much I even bought one for my sister in Australia to try. Haha! It's really good. :)

Have you tried this eyeliner yet?


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