Friday, February 10, 2017

Guerlain Rouge Automatique in 173 Meteorites

Hey guys!

Just sharing a quick swatch of this lip color from Guerlain! It's the
 Guerlain Rouge Automatique in 173 Meteorites.

Guerlain is a brand whose products' prices are not within my budget. That's why I rarely get to try their products. And when they are on sale, I grab the opportunity to get my hands on them because so far, the products I've tried from them are really good! I love how they work with my skin and I LOVE how they smell!

But the swatch I'm gonna share with you is from a tester. I got it in a warehouse sale and it was unused and was hugely discounted... so why not, right?

But first, here's the product description from Guerlain's website:

Automatically Fashionable. As Coveted as an It-bag. As Precious as a gem. As Glamorous as stilettos. Rouge Automatique is the moisturising and long-lasting "it lipstick". It combines the radiance of a crystal pigment, the luminosity of colours and a fine, sensual texture. It glides over the lips like a second skin. 
Smoothed, moisturised lips are adorned with pure, luminous and deliciously sheer colours.
Rouge Automatique comes in a bouquet of 25 absolutely modern, playful pop shades. As a homage to the history of Guerlain fragrances, each shade bears the name of a cult creation of the house. 
Inspired by the legendary Rouge Automatique from 1936, it is nestled in a jewel case, a golden sheath that closes with one flick.


The light, delicate scent of a vanilla "floriental" leaves its incomparable mark on Rouge Automatique. Top notes sparkle with a lemon, orange and bergamot accord. The rose and iris heart exudes sweetness. The vanilla and tonka bean dry-down gives Rouge Automatique all of its intensity.


Apply directly to the lips daily or, for a more sophisticated look, apply using a brush after outlining the lip contour with the Guerlain Lip Liner.

I love the beautiful pink shade. It's soft and it's a shade of pink that is just very pretty! It's not bold and daring nor light and bright. It's just a pink that looks so sweet and romantic. It's so princessy! 

Here's a swatch on my hand

And on my lips

The color is cool and compliments my warm skin well. It has a mild frosty finish that makes dry lips very noticeable so make sure your lips are hydrated when using this. It's not drying, I actually think it keeps lips moisturized, so no worries getting those chappy-looking lips. 

The texture is creamy and I love that it doesn't build on the lines of my lips. The scent of this lipstick is just wonderful as well.

Pair it with a soft pink blush and it makes you look blooming. It's a great look for the love month! Don't you think so too?

What are your thoughts on the Guerlain Rouge Automatique in 173 Meteorites?


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