Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dawn's New Hair Color—Red Wine

Hello dears!

I just colored my hair! Haha!

I was trying to avoid any chemicals on my hair. I even bought organic shampoos! I'm trying to make my hair healthy again since it suffered from weak strands and hair loss for a while last year.

But I got really bored and I thought that my hair's condition is getting better so I did this:

I colored my hair in a red wine shade! :)

I was getting bored with the sort of ombre hair I have. I didn't like the light almost dirty blonde shade at the bottom half of my hair.

So when I was browsing Zalora, I saw that this hair color product was on sale. I've been thinking of changing my color since Christmas so I bought it.

HYSSOP Perfecen Essence Color in Red Wine

I wasn't aware of the brand, but I bought it anyway. LOL 
Unfortunately, everything was in Korean so I can't read the labels. 

But I like the shade and that it shows what your hair would look like depending on the hair color you have prior to applying it. 

The set is equipped with the color (tube), the oxidizing solution (?) in the bottle, an instruction manual that I can't understand, gloves, a sort of plastic robe so that your clothes won't get stained, and that little vial...

 I did have troubles in determining what that vial on the leftmost part of the photo is. I guessed that it's like a conditioner that you apply after the color treatment because I usually get one when I buy a set of hair color just like this one. The consistency is too thin though so I was still confused. I tried googling the product and even tried google translate but I didn't see any information and I was still left unsure. 

What I did was mix a few on the mixture (about half of the vial) and then the rest I mix with conditioner after rinsing the treatment off. And yeah, I did this all by myself. Haha!

Anyway, I wish they add a translation on this product because I think it's pretty good. It didn't hurt my scalp and it gave my hair a beautiful color. One box was enough to color all of my hair equally and it did minimal damage! My hair feels like how it was prior to the coloring.

The first photo in this post was taken the very next day after i had my hair colored. 

This photo was taken indoors under fluorescent lighting.
It looks like my natural hair with a reddish tone. 

But once I step outside, you can see the red wine color! It's even more vibrant under the sun!

What do you think of my new color?


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