Tuesday, February 07, 2017

ArtDeco Long-lasting Eyeshadow Stick 38 American Girl

Hey dears!

When I do my eye makeup, I usually highlight the inner lower corner areas around my eyes to give them highlight. I like using shimmery or metallic shades from neutral shimmers to a bright gold shade.

This product that I'll share is a bright pink metallic shade that gives that highlight that I want and it can also be a good eyeshadow and can also double as a base...

ArtDeco Long-lasting Eyeshadow Stick 38 American Girl

I bought this because I know I'll be using it a lot AND it's on sale! Yay! I got it for PhP 178.50 from its original price of PhP 595.00 at Beauty Bar.

It's an eyeshadow in a stick form. It's not the usual cream eyeshadow consistency... it's closer to a creamy eyeliner pencil consistency.

Let's get to know the product from the labels first...

And here are its details from the website:

Color-intensive, water-resistant and long-lasting: the creamy, silky texture of the durable eyeshadow stick combines color intensity, a light feel and long-lasting properties. With a breathtaking shimmering finish and the intense color delivery the eyeshadow stick refines the eyelids. Thanks to volatile silicone and the optimal balance between oils and waxes, the eyeshadow does not settle in the folds of the eyelids. Water-resistant properties ensure a perfect durability for hours - without any smudging whatosever. Extremely easy to apply, the eyeshadow can be blended in with the eyes in just a few strokes and promises beautiful, even results. With the practical rotating mechanism at the end of the stick the expression can be unscrewed easily. Thus no sharpening of the stick is required. 

The eyeshadow stick is paraben-, mineral oil- and fragrance-free and is suitable for those with sensitive eyes.

Apply the eyeshadow evenly to the eyelids and spread it quickly. Please close the stick after use. Using the built-in swivel at the end of the stick you can continue to unscrew the face color. No sharpening is required. To remove the texture we recommend an oil-based eye make up remover.

I love the packaging. It's simple and classy. I like that the fonts are metallic on black and that both ends have a pink metallic color. The color of each ends depend on the shade of the particular stick.

Using it is easy because it's like using a pencil or a crayon!

It's retractable too so no need to sharpen. Just twist the bottom end of the pencil.

The color payoff is pretty good. I get a shimmery and pigmented swatch with just one swipe. It really is lightweight and glides easily on skin.

Even when I tried to smudge it over and over, it doesn't get ruined. It's long-lasting and is waterproof. It can last the whole day on the area around the inner corners of my eyes and in my under eye area. On the lids, on the other hand, they get quite oily and I do experience some creasing when I wear this alone. BUT if I use this as a primer and apply powder eyeshadow on top, it prevents my lids from getting oily and avoids creasing.

I really like this product because it works pretty good and I got it for less than PhP 200.00. The shade is very wearable too so I'm pretty sure that I was able to get a really good deal.

What do you think of the ArtDeco Long-lasting Eyeshadow Stick 38 American Girl? :)