Saturday, February 25, 2017

Luxe Gel Eyeliner in Tear Pink and Rose Burgundy

Hey everyone!

Sharing a short swatch post of two of my latest gel eyeliners!

Luxe Gel Eyeliner in Tear Pink and Rose Burgundy

I bought them because they were on sale at Althea for PhP 150.00 only from it's original price of PhP 400.00. I thought that it was a good deal and the shades I picked are colors that I will surely use often.

The packaging of the liners is pretty common, but I really appreciate this kind of design because it looks classy and professional. I also like that there's a part at the bottom end of the pencil that has the color of the shade so it's easy to find among my stash.

You can visit Althea's page for more info about the product (it has hi-res pictures of all 10 shades available). But to summarize up the claims, this eyeliner is very pigmented, waterproof, doesn't break easily, and long-lasting. And it has an airtight packaging!

This is Tear Pink. On the website it's called True Pink but in the packaging it's Tear Pink.

Here are the info on the packaging.

I always make sure that I have a light, shimmery pink eyeliner in my stash because I like wearing it on my inner corners of my eye lids. They brighten your eyes instantly!

This is Rose Burgundy.
I chose this because I don't have a color like this and i just find it really beautiful.

Product info:

I think it goes well with my current hair color! :D

Here are the swatches:

Tear Pink and Rose Burgundy

I got these swatches in one swipe of the eyeliners.
Now to check how long-lasting it is...

Here's how it is when I tried to smudge it...

When faced under running water

When smudged while wet

Rubbed rigorously while wet

It's pretty impressive and I think all the claims indicated are true. 
And below you'll see how I usually wear them together:

Tear Pink on the inner corners and Rose Burgundy on the outer part of the lower lash line.

I think both eyeliners are amazing and for PhP 150.00, they're a steal! What do you think?


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