Thursday, June 30, 2016

Review : The Face Shop Aura Color Control (CC) Cream

Hey loves!

One of my friends gave me this product a few months ago and I'll be sharing my review on today's post. ;)

The Face Shop Aura Color Control (CC) Cream
I believe the price is somewhere near Php 1.5k. I'm not sure though as this one is given to me. Refills are available though. ;)

CC Creams are pretty much like BB Creams (base makeup + skincare), though it claims to be better as it also promises to have better coverage to cover redness, acne, and other skin discolorations.

Anyway, let's get to know the product from the labels of the packaging first:

And more info from the website:

* Brightening + Anti-wrinkle + SPF effect
Creates a "Spotlight Makeup" : turns up the wattage of your skin tone with enhanced skin luminosity

"A Born-color Cream" : just like you were born with a brighter ,healthier and naturally luminescent skin!

*12H Long-wearing : with its innovative darkening-proof formula, the makeup is maintained morning-fresh & bright for 12 hours.

*12H Hydrating: promotes Clear & lively skin tone

Super blendable & layerable texture allows buildable coverage & easy touch ups on-the-go.

It comes with a mirror and an applicator which is very soft and pink! It's the usual rubbery material you get from cushion products. I don't use it much because I prefer to apply the product using a makeupbrush.

At first I thought that this was a CC Cushion, but upon opening the compact, it's actually different...

You push that transparent button to dispense the product. With one push, you get this much amount of product as seen below.

A little goes a long way with this CC cream. Two pushes and that's enough to cover my face with one layer, I do get more to add coverage when I need to. 

The difficult part of this packaging or system of dispensing is that you have no idea how much product is left. And my friend who also used this product mentioned that at first, she had problems dispensing the product. Our theory is that some of the product at the opening of the dispenser may have dried and blocked the opening. 

The shade I'm using is Natural Beige and at first application, it's quite light but once it settles, it becomes closer to my skin shade. See swatches below.
on my arm

There's a faint floral-ish scent on this product that is barely noticeable. The consistency is quite creamy (my friend didn't like the thick, creamy consistency but I'm quite used to this because most foundation with high coverage is also creamy).

slightly blended

I like that it's in the warm tone so it can easily blend with my skin tone.

When blended

It gives a semi-matte finish, which I prefer very, very much because it doesn't make my face shiny or dewy (I avoid that because I have oily skin), and it's not totally matte that it makes my skin look flat. It's pretty easy to blend on skin too.

Below are pictures of my face without and with the product.

Bare face

With a layer of the product on

The coverage is good and it gives a nice and natural glow on my skin. It also made my pores appear smaller! 

What I love about this product is it never cakes on my skin and it's long lasting power. No irritations nor breakouts encountered too.

To summarize my review:

What I LIKE:
- Long-lasting
- Good coverage and buildable
- semi-matte and natural finish
- no irritations nor breakouts
- Has SPF 30 and PA++
- I like that it has a warm tone that compliments my skin
- Makes my pores appear smaller
- Easy to blend
- Comes with mirror and applicator
- Faint floral scent
- Easy to dispense product
- Refillable

What I'm NEUTRAL about:
- No oil control, but it never claims to have one anyway so no big deal

- It can be a bit pricey
- Can't see or feel the amount of product left
- I think it's only available in two shades and the one I have is the darker one

Would I buy again? Well, I think this is a good product and also a recommendable CC Cream to try. I just don't think that this is an exact shade match for me. It's just too light! As much as I find the finish good on my skin, I want my base makeup to look closer to my real skin as possible. This can be a problem with people with the same skin shade or darker.

And that's it for my review of the The Face Shop Aura Color Control (CC) Cream. Have you tried this yet? Thoughts?



  1. I'm interested with the packaging although it looks like magiging messy siya in the long run but the coverage looks good nga! :)


    1. I just wipe it off after I dispense the product. I use a makeup sanitizer too! :)

  2. Seems good! I would say medium coverage at most. Not sure about the dispenser though I'd rather it be the typical cushion sponge para mapalitan ko with my own concoction :):P

    1. True! The dispenser is different and can be considered a hassle unlike regular cushions... although hygiene-wise, it's good!