Monday, June 20, 2016

Bath Junkies Strawberry Samba Body Scrub

Hello dears!

I love baths. Other than getting your skin clean, you get to smell great too! My favorite scents are florals and sweet stuff like Vanilla, and it gives me great pleasure when these scents are present in my bath products. One of the products that I enjoyed using for its scent is the...

Bath Junkies Strawberry Samba Body Scrub
This product was included in a set when I bought BeatyMNL's TGIF kit. The whole kit is PhP 999.00 but this 120g tub of Body Scrub is PhP 220.00.

CLAIM TO FAME: A natural body scrub for healthy, supple skin

FAST FACTS: Formulated with berry antioxidants to fight the signs of aging; gently cleanses, exfoliates, and sloughs away dry, rough patches and dead skin cells; blended with premium-grade active ingredients to brighten, soften, and smoothen

PERFECT FOR: Buffing away the signs of skin-aging

Pinoy pride alert: Bath Junkies is the first local bath and body brand to compete globally! Their line of soaps, scrubs, bath gels, colognes, cleansers, toners, sanitizers, and sunscreens contain both mood-lifting essential oils and skin-nourishing actives. And you won’t find toxic ingredients here—Bath Junkies is a natural brand. The best part? Each of its products are bundled up in pretty, pretty packaging with a bohemian beach vibe.

As seen on the labels of the product, this scrub smells like a sweet strawberry milkshake! Yummmy! The scent is very, very addicting.

The product is very creamy with apricot seeds to help exfoliate the skin. 

I use the Bath Junkies Strawberry Samba Body Scrub twice to thrice a week. I use this more often compare to the previous ones I've used because this is gentler. After I use this, I feel like my skin is smoother and it never made me feel dry. The best part is that the scent lingers for a few more minutes after use. :)

As mentioned, the apricot seeds are pretty gentle so I would recommend a grittier scrub if you also deal with in-grown hair like me, which I get from waxing. 

So I guess that's all I can say about the product. It's a gentle scrub with an awesome fragrance. I recommend you check this out to see for yourself. :)



  1. I can see myself buying this just because it looks so cute. Haha! Haven't used a body scrub in ages. What I did (and I hope it's working well lol) is I bought a salt scrub body gel of some sort na medyo mild din naman sa skin para hitting two birds with one stone. xD


    1. ooh! I'd like to try a gel scrub too. That seems refreshing!

  2. That really looks like strawberry milkshake <3 I'm secretly in love with strawberry flavored/scented stuff. I love baths too (and skincare). That's definitely a must try for me!

    1. It does and it smells so much like it. <3