Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tony Moly Cats Wink Clear Pact in 01 Clear Skin

Hey loves!

Recently, whenever I retouch my makeup, my friends usually notice how cute my pressed powder is. Just look at it!

Who doesn't love cute kitty designs???
I love cats because they're just tooooo adorable and this product from Tony Moly is equally as adorable...

Tony Moly Cats Wink Clear Pact

You can get this product for only Php 498.00.

This product comes in two shades: 01 Clear Skin and 02 Clear Beige. The one I have is the former although I think that Clear Beige would suit me more. Clear Skin is just too light for me.

The product is a pressed powder that promises a matte and natural finish for your skin. Check out the product info from the press release:

"When travelling, oil-free and photo-ready skin is a must! Keep a Cats Wink Clear Pact in your hand carry for easy touch-ups. This powder pact provides a natural and matte coverage without irritating the skin. Perfect for those Instagram-worthy travel photos!"

Just like what was mentioned in the press release, this product is always in my kikay kit mainly for touch ups. I usually use foundations and BB Creams before going out of the house, but having oily skin will make my face look all shiny within a few hours. So I blot and retouch my makeup more often than others and the Tony Moly Cats Wink Clear Pact has been a dear friend of mine since the time I opened it a couple of weeks ago.

But before I go on about the powder, let's discuss the packaging. It's housed in a very cute plastic kitty compact. Besides the cutie design and that it's pink, I love that it's still not too bulky so it doesn't consume too much space in my kit. I love that it has a built-in mirror so it is great when traveling. 

I also like that it comes with a soft puff applicator, but I usually use a kabuki brush with this because I find the finish of the product on my skin better.

The powder itself has a cat paw design that adds to the cuteness of this. When you swipe the powder, you can feel how silky it is. The powder is scentless as well so good news to those who avoid scented face products.

The coverage is somewhere between light to medium. I don't buff too much product on my skin because the shade is too light. I just add enough to make my skin shine-free, I appreciate that you can apply only a sheer amount. Anyway, here's a swatch on my arm:

It has pigment to it but it won't affect your foundation if you're wearing any. Like I said, the coverage is not heavy so you don't have to worry with the powder altering the shade of the base that you are using (provided you don't apply too thickly). It effectively makes your skin look matte but not too matte that your face looks flat! I think it gives a natural finish actually. Although I do see a problem when you have areas that are flaking off. This could be an issue if you have dry skin because the dry patches would be more visible with this powder. To avoid this from happening, keep your skin well-hydrated and exfoliate those dead skin!

I do have oily skin so having dry areas on my face is not my problem, having an oily and shiny face is, and I am glad to say that this helps in controlling oil. I usually use powder on top of my foundation or BB cream to prolong my makeup and help control the oil on my face and this product does that without causing any caking on my makeup. And I don't encounter any breakouts nor irritations when I use this.

Overall, this is a cute and awesome product from Tony Moly. I recommend you try this out. Just make sure that you moisturize well and you'll have a shine-free, photo-ready skin! :)

And oh, Tony Moly Philippines has an on-going Facebook giveaway! Just take a shine-free selfie and you can get a chance to win a Cats Wink Clear Pact! Last day to send is on the 31st! You can join here.

Another good news, if you haven't heard about this, is that Tony Moly is available in Zalora (since April 29)! Now we can buy our Tony Moly essentials in the comforts of our home. :D

For more information, visit Tony Moly Philippines' official website at www.tonymoly.ph. Like Tony Moly Philippines on Facebook, follow @tonymolyph on Twitter and Instagram for more updates and promos.



  1. ang cute talaga ng mga packaging pag korean makeup! hahaha

  2. Oh this looks sooo pretty! I love powders and I always use one to set my make up but I've been enjoying sheerer powders for touching up throughout the day! I totally would love to try some tony moly products!

    1. I'm sure you can get some amazing finds from Tony Moly! :D

  3. AWWWW adorbssssss. The powder looks creamy and soft :)