Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nivea: In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner

Hello Ladies,

Nivea's Big Sale just ended and I was barely able to get my hands on my favorite Nivea lotion, Nivea's Intensive Moisture lotion. It was also around this time that I made a post as to why Nivea had become my no. 1 go to product for dry skin weather (see and this new product just made me all the more a big Nivea fan.

As you would've noticed, summer these past years are much hotter (not warm, oh no) than what it used to 10 - 20 years ago. As I have mentioned before, this is quite trouble some for dry skinned individuals, as it requires us to put on lotion almost 3 times a day just to keep our skin from cracking or getting itchy. But then sometimes, you're just too lazy to put lotion on after you get out of the bath... or you're just too much in a hurry to remember applying it. OR, it feels just TOO sticky and heavy on the skin in this humidity.

And it is exactly that last reason why I decided to try Nivea's In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner. I saw the commercial sometime while I was browsing through channels and it was just so appealing that as soon as I saw the product sitting on top of Watson's Nivea Big Sale booth, I grabbed it.

So here's a bit of product information for you.

Nivea actually has a more detailed description of the product with about 16 commonly asked questions and their answers which you can access here which links you to the UK website.

So, I just super love this product. I apply after I scrub/soap and rinse my body down then rinse it off afterwards and the skin just feels amazingly smooth, silky, soft, and light. You'd really feel refreshed. It's even more refreshing than just using a simple moisturizing soap. My skin feels well hydrated throughout the day. 

I've been using ONLY the In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner for a week and it has solved my snake skin legs problem. Here's a picture of my supposedly snake skin legs, even my other trouble areas have been well moisturized.

It kind of makes a lot of sense to do your moisturizing while you're in the shower. Some of you might say why not just apply your lotion there? Well, the problem with that is, drying time for lotion is longer when you apply it on wet skin. Also, some people, people like me, tend to have reservations about applying lotion on some areas of the body... and this kind of rinse of lotion just somehow solves that, I think.

So I really just wanted to share with you this product because I feel like it's such a genius invention/innovation. I hope you test it out as well and if you're already using it, do share your thoughts on it here.


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