Thursday, June 20, 2019

By Terry Cheek to Cheek in Cherry Cruise

Hi dolls!

Just sharing a short swatch post.

My sister gave me this blush tint when I visited her last year. By Terry is a brand that I have positive impressions because I like the few products from them that I have tried so far. All of them were given by my sister. Anyway, today's post is about...

By Terry Cheek to Cheek in Cherry Cruise

This is my first tint from the brand and it's a water-based tint that belong to their French Riviera collection. It's probably phased out now since I do not see it anymore on the brand's website.

You have to shake the product first before you use. It has very fine silver shimmers that is very subtle and yet creates a beautiful and flattering finish on the skin.

The packaging is good. The transparent bottle lets you see the shade and the silver twist cap makes sure that you don't get any leakage. At the top of the cap you can press it to dispense the product like a dropper as you can see on the photos below.

It's so easy to dispense the product and very hygienic too!

Here's what the product looks like.
It's runny and water-like. Do you see the fine shimmers too?

It's a cool tone pink, like magenta! What I like about this product is that it is so easy to apply and it doesn't dry too quickly so you can blend it evenly on your cheeks.

The above photo shows how it looks when it dries versus when it's still wet.

I like the subtle blush it gives and it looks like skin! 

It's really a good cheek tint. I'm not really a fan of cheek tints but I loved everything about this one—shade, ease of use, texture, scent, shimmer, packaging, and consistency. 

Any thoughts on the By Terry Cheek to Cheek in Cherry Cruise?


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