Friday, October 14, 2016

Cleanse Without Drying Your Skin Out With the New Jergens Mild Soap and Anti-Bacterial Soap

Hello dears!

Looking for a new soap to try that not only cleanses but also moisturizes? Then you might like this news from one of the best well-known moisturizing skincare brands—Jergens. 

This kit arrived in our mail two days ago and even I was surprised with this newest addition to the brand's skincare line.

Since I was a kid, I've always thought of Jergens as a brand you can use when you have dry and sensitive skin because that's what my mom told me while growing up. From time to time, I see bottles of Jergens lotion on the shelves in her bedroom that she buys or were gifts from balik-bayan friends. So yeah, Jergens is a familiar brand that have been in our household for a long time now and it's great to know that the brand continues to innovate their products as well as introduce new ones just like these two soaps. Read the press release below:

Cleanse Without Drying Your Skin Out

Take bathing to a whole new level with the new collection of Jergens Cleansers!
The moisturizer brand that has been dedicated to helping women achieve smooth and
glowing skin just introduced Jergens Mild Soap and Jergens Anti-Bacterial Soap.

 These variants provide gentle but highly effective body cleansing without stripping away the essential moisture of the skin

Jergens Anti-Bacterial Soap
cleans, moisturizes and leaves skin feeling clean and fresh as it fights bacteria and removes dirt.
(sidenote: I like that they include the ingredients list as well as the manufacturing date and batch number)
Jergens Mild Soap
cleans and freshens with mild cleansers and a pH-balanced formula. It’s perfect for sensitive skin.

Both bar soaps protect the skin from harmful microorganisms and keep it from drying. They come in 135g and 90g packs and are budget friendly. Their clean, mild scent, makes them perfect for use of the whole family.

“Clean skin is the foundation of a simple but effective beauty regimen. First, take a shower using mild, cleansing soap that is not harsh on the skin like Jergens. Then hydrate skin and seal in the moisture by applying moisturizers after you shower.

Jergens Moisturizers with its unique Hydralucence™ blend protect the skin and keep it soft, moist and glowing. Just slather it on,” says Hillarie, Jergens Ambassador. Be beautiful from head to toe with Jergens!


I've only used the Mild Soap and what I can say is it is mild. My skin feels clean without stripping away moisture. I also love its powdery clean scent that lingers on skin for a few minutes. :)

I really recommend you check them out! :)

 Jergens Bar Soaps and Moisturizers are distributed in the Philippines by Vibelle Distribution Inc. and are available in leading department stores, supermarkets and retailers nationwide.


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