Monday, October 17, 2016

Likhang Habi Market Fair (Haul)

Good evening ladies,

Last Sunday, Dawn and I went out to show our support for the traditional Philippine textiles and other traditional products which just scream "proudly pinoy" at Likhang Habi Market Fair in Glorietta.

Event brochure and a new event on November

This is actually an annual event put together by HABI, the Philippine Textile Council. According to one of the sellers it is usually held in October. In this event you will get to see all the different textile works from the diverse tribes of our country and see how their weaving culture and heritage is slowly making it's mark into the current styles.

Though the fair's main focus is a showcase of Philippine traditional textiles, there are a lot of stalls that have organic products that are again, proudly pinoy. 

The first stall we visited, Silahis has a variety of not just cloths and clothes but also organic soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and even insect repellants made from virgin coconut oil. They also have a lot of weaved baskets and bags as well as carved jewelries.


Of course Dawn and I could not pass up the opportunity to try their bath soaps.

Silahis Virgin Coconut Soap - 3 for PhP 145.00 (PhP 50.00 each)
Silahis Beauty Bar (VCO with papain, salicylic acid, and niacin) - 3 for PhP 200.00

If you're interested in trying them out as well, here are details on where and how to find The Silahis Center.

Tel No.: (+632)527-2111, 13. 14/527-3842
Fax: (+632)527-2112
744 Calle Real del Palacio (Gen. Luna) Intramuros, 1002 Manila

Next shop that we visited is Custom Made Crafts Center.

As the name implies, they customize certain items like notebook covers, letter openers, and placemats (to name a few) using Philippine traditional textiles.

Notebook with Hinabol cover (hand-woven abaca thread by Higaonon women of Bukidnon)

The notebook holders are hardbound with a little cushion added. The notebooks themselves can be changed (the default notebook is a Green Apple notebook) so no need to worry when the notebook finally runs out.

 Bamboo Ballpens - PhP 60.00 each
Letter Opener (with Mangyan poem carved on the wood) - PhP 60.00

 If you happen to have an event and are planning on ordering customized giveaways, they require a minimum of 50 orders. If you happen to want products for your company, they can insert your company name in the product as long as you meet the minimum order. Below is a link to their facebook page, instagram, and website along with other contact details if you're interested in their products.

Telephone: (02) 929 3665
Fax: (02) 929 3665

92A Masikap Ext., Brgy, Central, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines 1100

We also found the brand that VP Robredo was spotted wearing a lot, Linea Etnika.

Beige Adriana Dress

I'm sure a lot of you know it already but for those who don't (like me until today), it is a recently launched brand by Quezon City VM Joy Belmonte and her friend Looie Lobregat. The two both design the dresses inspired by native designs.

Blue and off white Yakan sinaluan (bamboo) design on Chinese collar and both pocket slits.

The designs are a bit pricey but they are perfect for those office-to-play type of days.

Here are the links to their facebook page, instagram and website if you want to check out their other dress designs.


We also found some surprising products as well. Here are some of them:

Tsaa Laya Java Banaba (Balbas Pusa) Pyramid Teabags - PhP 290.00

Dawn: It was LOVE at first sip! It's tea for cleansing too!

Tsaa Laya Java Banaba (Balbas Pusa) Pyramid Teabags - PhP 150.00

Jumimo by Vickit
09166607048 / 7341978

Necklace - PhP 150.00

Eyeglass holder - Php 150.00
Bracelet - Php 150.00

Jumimo by Vickit
09166607048 / 7341978

Rosary - Php 100.00
Necklace - PhP 150.00

Necklace - Php 150.00
Beads from South Cotabato

Simone's Original Snacks Cheesy Carrots - PhP 250.00
Sun-dried carrots and cheese!

Yvette's Bags and Beads Collection
Laptop Bag- PhP 2,500.00 (Made of straw and can carry up to 19 kilos) 

Well, that's all the shopping that we did at Likhang Habi. We hope to visit again in the next event on November. It's great to see that though Philippine traditional textiles and native products were forr a time, forgotten, a renewed appreciation for them has started to bloom and is steadily being fostered.

Do visit the shops above and support our local products. We hope to see you in other events like this!


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