Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 06 Rosewood Shimmer

Hello dolls!

My sister sent my mom a Clarins skincare set and it included this cute travel-sized lippie. My mom hardly uses it though because she's not a fan of glosses so I asked if I could have it. Haha!

So I'm gonna share the swatch of the product on today's post! :)

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

The shade is called Rosewood Shimmer. 

The one I have is only 5mL while the regular-size tube contains 12mL.

Info on the packaging can be seen on the photo above. 

Info from the website:


A softly textured lip gel with a deliciously sweet scent. Lips are left looking soft, smooth, shiny and plump. Sheer, but has enough colour to wear alone or to complement your favourite lip shade.

It's available in eight shades.

For a lippie in this kind of squeeze tube packaging, I like its applicator. It creates an even and clean application. 

You just squeeze and the product dispenses as seen on the photo above.

Here's a swatch on my hand.

It's both sheer and pigmented. And I am loving the very fine shimmers on the peachy pink-nude shade. The shade looks like my natural lip color but better!

See what I mean?

Don't expect it to be long-lasting... it's staying power is pretty much like most lip glosses. It's very moisturizing though!

It's perfect for a natural makeup look. I carry it in my vanity kit so it's with me wherever I go. You can never go wrong when your lip product is close to your natural lip color but it just makes your lips look better!



  1. That would look nice on top of nude lipstick :)

  2. Gorgeous natural shade! I've been wanting to try one of these for a long time, I really like that you have a mini size! I would love to buy most products in a smaller size if possible!

    1. Me too! I'd like to try them out first so I get the smaller size and if I love it, I'll get the regular-size version. That would sorta ruin business though. Haha!