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Review : 1028 Visual Therapy Double Wear Hydrating CCdation

Hello loves!

Are you as curious as me when it comes to makeup that when you visit another country, you buy at least one thing from a brand that is not yet available in your country? Well, that's me and even when it was not me who's traveling, I tell friends to buy me something that's not in the Philippines yet and I just give them the shopping money (sometimes they give it as pasalubong! Yayyy!).

The one I am reviewing is a product from that kind of curiosity (or shopping sickness?). I asked my friend Yuki who went to Singapore some months back to buy me a face product that I haven't tried before and she bought me this:

1028 Double Wear Hydrating CCdation

She saw this in one of the shopping areas she visited and took a picture. I didn't have any idea what this product was about nor know anything about the brand. So I said go ahead! 

She bought this for SGD $29.90.

It's available in two shades only. I have the darker shade, Nude Beige.

Firstly, let's get to know the product by checking out the labels:

These are info from the website:

The website is in Chinese and I only added those that I can understand (even when translated by google translate, I still didn't get much from it).

Color correction
High Concealer
A super-moisturizing day

So to sum up all the claims written, the product promises foundation-like coverage and skin corrector while giving skincare benefits such as hydration and skin cell repair. It also promises to last all day long!

The packaging looks very classy. The black bottle's design is minimalist. It's a squeezable bottle so you can get the product easily since the product's consistency is pretty thin.

The nozzle is thin so it's easy to control the amount of product dispensed. The product do not spill on the cap too.

This is what the product looks like. It's lightweight and quite runny so I was doubtful of its claims to have high coverage at first because most foundations/bb creams/cc creams I've tried that have high coverage usually has creamy textures.

But color-wise, the shade is pretty close to my skin color! It has a warm tone that compliments my skin pretty well.

When blended, it disappeared like it's actually my skin. To be honest, I wasn't sure if its because it didn't have coverage or if it's just that close to my natural skin color. I had to test it on my face (where I have pimple scars to cover) to make sure. :P

My bare face

My problem area is usually the jaw line as seen on the photo above.

With the product on

I'm very, VERY surprised at how good the coverage is! It took care of the redness of the pimples and almost covered all pimple scars! It even reduced the appearance of my pores! And it's so lightweight like I'm not wearing makeup... like I just added some moisturizer on my face.

However, it exposes the flaky areas of the skin. I usually have products that help peel off the surface of problem areas so that the pimple scars would lighten. And as you can see on the photo above, those areas are flaky and it's very visible when I have this product on.

That's my whole face with only the product on. No concealer yet nor finishing powder. The shades is a little lighter than my skin, but it oxidizes and then the color blends better on my normal skin tone once it sets.

The finish looks pretty natural. It's not totally matte... it actually has that slight dewiness that makes the finish look like natural skin.

Here's my face with the rest of the makeup on. My face looks brighter—like it's glowing!

The lasting power is pretty decent. It can last the whole day when I'm in the office where it is air-conditioned. However, I noticed that it fades whenever I get sweaty, but not too much... it's still there but the pimple scars are becoming noticeable. Oil control is pretty okay. I don't get very oily when I wear this... my estimation is it takes around 6 hours before I get shiny with my oily skin.

Does it hydrate? I don't think it gives enough hydration. I still prefer how my face feels when I add moisturizer than applying this alone. 

So to sum up this review:

What I LIKE:

- Good coverage
- Natural-looking finish
- Lightweight
- Classy and sturdy packaging
- My pores look smaller
- Decent lasting-power (except when sweaty)
- Decent oil control
- Warm shade compliments my skin tone
- My face looks brighter
- Covers redness


- Only two shades available
- For a CC Cream, the SPF25 is too little
- Not yet available in the Philippines
- Flaky, dry areas of the skin are more visible

Would I buy again? Well, I like it but not so much that I want to get another one again. I want to try and explore more products. It didn't win me over as much but I still love the "glowing" effect it gives my skin.

I do wish that they have more shades because I already have the darker shade and it's still lighter than my skin. The morenas wouldn't be able to appreciate this product as much as I did.

Anyway, that's all for this review. Have you tried this product yet? What about other cosmetics from this brand?


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