Friday, July 29, 2016

Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Addresses Dry, Sensitive Skin

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Just a month ago I introduced a product from Physiogel that helps sensitive skin get stronger. It's the Calming Relief range and Liz will post a review about one of the products from that range pretty soon. 

Yesterday, I received another package from the brand...

And it contains more products to make your skin #EverydaySTRONG! In this post, I'll introduce these new products that are up for review. But before that, you may be already familiar with these info graphics since I've posted them before. But to support the press release that I'll be adding, let me repost them again...

I have oily skin but I do sometimes experience the dry, itchy feeling, especially when I use anti-acne and peeling products. With that said, I am interested in products like this since recently, I want to address my skin concerns more.

Here's the press release to learn more about the product:

Continuing its mission in empowering women with sensitive skin issues so that they can face the world without fears and reservations, Physiogel, the expert and authority on skin sensitivity, comes with a complete range that restores moisture to even the driest skin, starting from first use.

According to a study conducted by Nielsen in Asia-Pacific1, 61% of women in the Philippines experience skin sensitivity on the body – and among the exhibited conditions, dry and dehydrated skin ranked 2nd. 

Jon Lee, Head of Skin Health and Nutrition of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Philippines explains, “The prevalence of skin sensitivity among Filipinas is growing year by year. We have seen that changes in weather and excessive external aggressors such as dust or pollution, contributes to this growing incidence. Today, we place this challenge to all women – stop avoiding the problem and start tackling these skin issues, because Physiogel is here to make your skin less sensitive.”

Skin sensitivity is no longer an obscure condition as Filipinas often experience sensitive skin indications usually in the form dry, flaky and tight-feeling skin. These signals should not be ignored. Dry skin, if not moisturized and addressed immediately, may worsen and lead to more serious sensitive skin conditions.

Physiogel® Daily Moisture Therapy range through the Physiogel® Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion is part and parcel of Physiogel’s mission to provide head-to-toe expert solutions for skin sensitivity. With its unique BioMimic Technology® formula that mimics the skin’s very own lipids, it restores the skin’s natural barrier to lock-in moisture and improve hydration.  It also forms a layer of protective barrier on the skin, preventing harmful irritants or allergens from penetrating to make skin less sensitive. Dryness is visibly reduced from the first use, even on the driest skin.

“The sun, the environment, even the level of stress and overall lifestyle can further aggravate dry, sensitive skin. As the no.1 most prescribed brand by dermatologists2, we put emphasis that your skin will get moisturized and protected starting from first use of Daily Moisture Therapy,” Lee states.

Our habits define what matters, and the choices that we make build up the habits that we create. Physiogel encourages women to drop their inhibitions and go beyond the limitations of skin sensitivity by giving dry and sensitive skin the moisturization it needs.

1 NIELSEN Incidence Report, APAC markets, June 2014
2 PMDI January 2015 – December 2015, IMS Health Philippines, Inc.

You can get the feeling that Physiogel's mission to fight sensitive skin is taken very seriously by the brand as they have already launched two skincare range to address that issue. One is more on calming the skin from redness and irritations while one is making sure that the moisture needed by our skin is retained and still safe for sensitive skin, and even making it stronger.

I will still have to test these claims and I'm lucky enough to try all three products from the range. These products are...

Daily Moisture TherapyPhp 220.00

 Daily Moisture Therapy Cream 75 ml – Php 750.00

Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion 100 ml – Php 420.00

I'll try these out and will post a review for each. Stay tuned! ;)


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  1. I have tried their dermo cleanser last summer and it helps in hydrating in the gentlest way possible. Hope to read your review about this soon! :)