Friday, October 07, 2011

What I Got on My Birthday: Accessories and Shoes!!!

 Hey Girls!

It's been almost two weeks since my birthday and I'm just sharing what I got as presents from loved ones!

Starting with the vintage accessories that my Tokwa girls (what i call my group of pretty friends in class) gave me! :D

 Bracelet with bag-shaped charms

 Earrings ♥

 Peacock Print Cocktail Ring

 and a super girly headband! Haha! ♥

These girls sure know my taste in accessories. Their gift also comes with my favorite cake and a really awkward birthday song! :))

Love you, Tokwa girls! :P

The next round of accessories are from my mom. ♥

 A pair of dangling earrings for my collection ♥

 A crystal bracelet

 which comes with a ring as well. :D

And then I went shoe shopping with my sister. These shoes are, I guess, a part of my mom's birthday gift for me! Haha! We kinda bought a lot... But it's still sulit since my sis and I have the same shoe size. ♥

This one we bought from B Club

 And the rest are from Mendrez. They were having a buy 1 take 1 promo so "Yay for 6 pairs!"

So happy with all the new stuff I got. ♥

Thanks a lot for all the gifts and also a THANK YOU to all those who remembered and greeted me. :D




  1. aww happy birthday! the accessories are really pretty. =))

  2. Thanks, Jackie! Yeah, I love them all. ♥

  3. Happy bday! Lovin' the charm bracelet and shoes. :D

  4. happy birthday!! gosh daming shoes!! :)

  5. awesome haul! happy birthday! wait, why don't I see makeup? haha. :D

  6. Thanks, girls!

    Wow. there is no makeup here... maybe I should do something about it soon...? ;)

  7. happy birthday dear! that's a lot of shoes! :)

    "Join my Halloween giveaway! WIN a bag, color block sandals and a bunch of chocolates from Paisley Clothing!"