Friday, October 21, 2011

Powershopping at Divi/168

 Hi Girls! 

My sis and I went to 168 today!

We have been planning to buy more vintage accessories and update our wardrobe and what better way to do this than to shop at 168 considering we are low in budget (Haha)! :)

We woke up early because since it's the "-ber" months, we thought there will be a lot of people shopping for Christmas gifts so we will just shop in the morning and hopefully be done by noon. Surprisingly, there wasn't much people there compared to the few times I've went there.

We went with my best friend, Liz, who's very good at making "tawad." We got really awesome deals. We bought quite a lot of stuff!

And here they are...

 Cocktail rings



 Headbands - looks really good with my curls

 Jeggings, leggings and shorts

Cardigans - so happy they have one for my size!

and blouses

Well, that's all of it! ♥

After our 2 hours of powershopping, we went to Wai Ying for lunch. It's one of my favorite places to eat. My friend, Vireza, introduced me to that place and we eat there often ever since. It's a must try! :)

We really wished we had more money with us. Would have bought more... but oh well, we have limited budget eh. :P 



  1. Nice haul! My friend and I are going there tomorrow. You just gave me some ideas what to look for. =))

  2. Sweet! I have never been to Divi (168). Hopefully I could check that place too soon!

  3. Jackie: Hope you get good find! Have fun!

    Bec: It's fun. Just be prepared because it tends to be overcrowded. :P

  4. such awesome finds, yeah i'd prolly be at 168 almost daily if only it were nearer where i live ☺♥