Monday, October 17, 2011

Dawn gets her hair permed at Azta Salon Part 2

Hey, Lovely Ladies!

Sorry for the delayed post regarding my recent hair perm at Azta Salon. I wasn't able to buy curling mousse because of our Finals week and my laziness to go to the mall to buy one. Haha! :))

Anyway, here's what my hair looks like now. :)

Bigger curls. It frames my face nicely. :)

What I like about it is I can do different looks with my hair even without using hair clips or accessories.

 I can wear it big and wild.

or rolled altogether like how the hair of my porcelain doll looks like. :P

I so love my hair now. I really do like my hair curled rather than straight. Straight is just boring for me. :))

I'd like to thank Ms. Rich and the staff of Azta Urban Salon SM San Lazaro for doing an awesome job on my hair. They are very accommodating and their milk tea and iced coffee were delicious! :D

Curious to know more of Azta Urban Salon services? I got their list of services they offer at their facebook page.



  1. Lovely curls! You look great with it! :)

    I like Azta Urban Salon too.

  2. Nice curls!!! I like your "porcelain doll" look :D Suits you well :)

  3. Curled hair really looks great on you :)
    new follower btw.


  4. I love those big sexy waves on you! xoxo

  5. Thanks, Erin and Bec!

    And Erin, followed you back! :)