Monday, July 02, 2018

June (2018) Haul

Hey loves!

After my trip to Sydney I told myself to try and save up some money because I have bills to pay. But guess what, I failed miserably. There's just so many things I wanted to try! Huhuhu... Even though I have another failure to add to my long list (lol), I really like the new items I got. The funny thing is that I only wanted to buy some items that would help me remove some calluses on my feet. I kept looking for that thing with the blade but I just ended up seeing other things that I like. Haha! Anyway, let me share what they are in this post... 

First on the list is this lipstick from Features and Shades...

Features and Shades Filipiñana Lipstick Collection in Maria Clara
PhP 299.00

I've been so intrigued with this collection because of the packaging. It looks so good, especially with the Filipina in Filipiniana clothing as its design. It looks so chic that I just wanted to buy one even for just the design. Haha! And oh, they released it during the month of our country's independence too!

But even though I was after the packaging, I do like the shades. I was torn between Reyna Elena and Maria Clara but I chose the latter because I think I would wear it often. I also have enough reds now so this nude shade is just right.

Vice Phenomenal Matte Liquid Lipstick and Glitter Lip Topper in Rrrhampa
PhP 395.00

I was with Tellie that day and she told me that these products from Vice Ganda's makeup line is good. I haven't tried any Vice products yet so I just went for it. I really liked the glitter lip topper anyway. :P

L'Oreal Metallic by Color Riche in Rose Champagne

Tellie and I saw that this line was on sale for only PhP 250.00 and got curious. We decided to buy one and we even chose the same shade. It's like our "couple lipstick." Haha!

I just love the glittery lippie and even the tube's design is glittery! LOVE!

The brand had a number of items on sale too including this eyeliner that I bought for PhP 250.00 too...

L'Oreal Le Stylo Smoky in 101 Antique Brass

I actually didn't need a new metallic nude liner... I bought it because I wanted to get this...

L'Oreal x Balmain Lipstick in Rebellion

Isn't it beautiful???

I was able to get it when our purchases of L'Oreal products equalled to 1.2k. You get a chance to draw lots and have a chance to take home one of the lipsticks in the collection. 

I finally found the product I was looking for!!!
After thousands of my money used for things I didn't plan on getting, I finally found what I was looking for at Miniso. I got the pedicure kit for only PhP 99.00.

But of course, I didn't stop there and continued to browse the items in the store...

...and bought this mini humidifier for PhP 449.00

What I like about it is you can take out the machine to let it dry faster.

Seamless Round Hooks
PhP 99.00

Soft Cotton Pads
PhP 99.00

All the items I posted above were bought in one day so that was some unexpected shopping. Haha! It was supposed to be a foodie kind of day. Lol

I got a discount voucher last March for In Her Element products so I decided to use it and bought these:
In Her Element Spot Control Facial Oil
In Her Element Glow Job 5% Glycolic Gel Cream

I would like to try these to help me improve my skin from all the dark spots I got from acne scars.

Finally, 2 Batiste Dry Shampoos that I bought during Lander's 2nd Anniversary Mega Sale.
I got it for only PhP 199.00 each.

And those are the new items I was able to take home. Let me know which one you want me to review soon!


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