Monday, May 21, 2018

Fran Wilson Mood Gloss

Hello dearies!

Since the heat is just so high these days, I try to keep my makeup simple when I go out under the sun. I also try my best to keep my skin and body hydrated AND even look hydrated (because you can easily look haggard after a few minutes under this Manila heat. Haha!). Wearing lipgloss helps with the 'look' part.

I rarely use lipglosses but this one that I'll be sharing with you made me love wearing it again!

Fran Wilson Mood Gloss

It's PhP 450.00 at Beauty Bar.

I was able to take this home when I attended the 10th Anniversary event of one of the most influential beauty blogs in the country, Project Vanity.

At first I wasn't excited when I saw that the beauty kit I received contained a lip gloss. I guess I was kinda indifferent because I was more interested with the other products to be honest. But when I swatched it for the first time, I immediately liked what I saw... But before I proceed to my review, here's the info on the labels:

More info from the website:

MOODgloss™ color changing lip color reacts instantly with your lips to create your own perfect shade of glossy pink.
Formulated with ultra-moisturizing Shea Butter, MOODgloss™ keeps lips soft and smooth.
Fade resistant color provides up to 5 hours longwear and intense hydration.

Wear it alone or over your favorite MOODmatcher® lipstick for gloss and shine.
Extend the staying power by blending with MOODmatcher lip color for 12 hour longwear.
Add volume to your pout by adding a dab of MOODgloss™ to the peak of your lips.

It is housed in a tube that carries 8.5ml of product. The packaging reminds me of the Juicy Tubes I used to have when I was a teen. You just squeeze the tube to get the product out. I don't like directly applying the tip of the tube on my lips so I usually spread the gloss with a lip brush or a Q-tip.

When you squeeze out the product, it's like a clear gel with a hint of pink.

But just a few seconds later, the clear gloss gets pinker and pinker! 
It looked so awesome! Well, I've seen lip products that change color over time but what made me like this is how long-staying the tint it leaves behind!

When I wiped the product off, it left the stain as seen on the photo above. This stain is soooo durable that after a day, I can still see it on my hand.

I love how it turns to this shade of pink. I think it compliments my skin tone well. I'm not sure if the color is the same with other skin tones and skin types though.

I think my face looks refreshed when I have this on. The gloss doesn't feel heavy nor sticky which makes it comfortable to wear.

But if I'm not in the mood for a shiny pout, I can wipe the gloss away and have a stained lip as seen below.

And I still love the finish. My lips just look more moisturized (because my lips are getting dry lately... I need to drink more water). That being said, it doesn't make my lips dry at all unlike some lips stains I've used before. Yayy!

The Mood Gloss just leaves my makeup look bright and fresh. I'm happy I was able to discover it. It's been a while since I used glosses and lip stains and it made me like them again, provided that they have the staying power of this one. So yeah, I'm impressed with this gloss and you'll surely see me wearing this often throughout the summer. ;)


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