Friday, April 27, 2018

Chihuahua Cosmetics Eyeliner in Black

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I believe that most makeup enthusiast's problem is not fully using all the products they buy before it expires. I think it's because we jump to another product even before we finish the one we currently have, not necessarily because we don't like the quality, but because of our curiosity to try something new. I'm guilty of that, and I buy so, soooo much, especially blushes and eyeshadows that takes a long time for me to finish.

So when I saw Chihuahua Cosmetics' ad saying, "When was the last time you finished a lipstick?" placed on their booth at the BDJ x Project Vanity Beauty Bootcamp, it got me thinking—it's been a looong time ago since I did! I thought of all the products I wasted just because I wanted to try a new one. And so I appreciate what Chihuahua Cosmetics is doing and that's providing products that are smaller in size so we can actually use up the products we buy (it feels really good to actually get your money's worth and actually use up the makeup you have). Their items are also travel-friendly too!

The price is in the affordable side but some of the products cost just as much as when you buy products bigger in sizes from other brands. But before we go to any conclusion, I wanna share my short review first of one of their products...

Chihuahua Cosmetics Eyeliner in Black
It's PhP 129.00.

Product info from the packaging:

The pencil is around 2.5 inches. It's perfect in your vanity kit that you carry in your bag because it doesn't take too many space!

The package design is simple and classy. I like the light semi-metallic font that stands out from the grey pencil. 

If you want to keep it pointy, you need to have an eyeliner sharpener with you.

To be honest, I rarely use pencil type black eyeliners. I like liquid eyeliners because I like how precise the lines they create. I wasn't expecting much when I got this, but then it gave me a surprise when I swatched it...

It's so black! I love how opaquely black this eyeliner is.

Not only that but it stays on pretty nicely too!

Here's how it looks when I rubbed the swatch with my fingers.

When I place it under running water

When I lightly rub it while wet

When I wiped it with tissue while wet

So as you can see, the staying power is pretty impressive! It really is the perfect travel companion!

Here's how it looks like when I use it.

Since it's pencil, it's hard for me to create the exact pointy winged liners I usually apply. Still, this eyeliner glided smoothly on my lids. Eyeliner pencils are just easy to use but they can be annoying if the formula is dry... but Chihuahua Cosmetics' eyeliner is smooth and pigmented and it can help achieve a fast and easy application. However, I do experience a bit of transfer on the upper area of my lids when my skin gets oily. A good primer + powder eyeshadow can help prevent that.

Overall, I'm impressed with this product! It's pigmented, easy to use, strong lasting power, affordable, travel-friendly, and it's something I can totally finish! Plus, the brand is named after an adorable doggy! Haha!

And that's my review. I'll post about the other products from Chihuahua Cosmetics soon. Hope you stay tuned for those!


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