Monday, April 09, 2018

Revlon Super Lustrous Street Chic Collection Swatches

Hello lovelies!

Last February, I attended Beauty Confidential—an event by BDJ and Project Vanity. I was able to take home a media kit and inside the kit is a box from Revlon.

I was pretty excited to open the red box particularly because among the items in the media kit, it's the only one that came with its own box. I was still at Glorietta (where the event was held) and I couldn't wait to open it so I had to peek inside the box just so I can satisfy my curiosity and here's what I saw...

Six Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks! It's from their Street Chic Collection!

The collection is composed of twelve shades and I was able to receive five of the newest ones. Each color was inspired from one of the stylist cities from around the world!

These are the shades included:

Tokyo - Bare Affair
Hong Kong - Lilac Mist
London - Midnight Mystery
Mexico City - Bombshell Red
Milan - Gold Goddess
Buenos Aires - Wild Orchid (from the older collection)

Even during my early adventures in makeup, I've considered Revlon's lipsticks one of the good ones. They were pigmented and moisturizing and it's one of the brands I recommend when asked which drugstore makeup to check out. I've always liked their Colorstay foundations and Super Lustrous lipsticks for a long, long while now.

But just in case you're new to the Super Lustrous collection, here's the product description from the website:

Make a statement with the world’s most iconic lipstick. Super Lustrous™ is formulated with microfine pigments for high-impact color. The smooth, moisturizing formula is available in 82 on-trend shades and four finishes – crème, matte, pearl and sheer.

When I first saw the shades, I was nervous that some of them might not look good on me, namely Lilac Mist, Midnight Mystery, and Gold Goddess. The other three shades are pretty common in terms of lip color in my opinion.

Here are the swatches!

Tokyo - Bare Affair, Hong Kong - Lilac Mist, London - Midnight Mystery
Mexico City - Bombshell Red, Milan - Gold Goddess, Buenos Aires - Wild Orchid

I also made lip swatches and I took selfies wearing them (for your reference of course). :)

Tokyo - 
Bare Affair

I like wearing this shade most out of all the six included in the box. It's the ultimate nude shade for me!

Hong Kong - Lilac Mist

I'm surprised that it actually looks okay on me. Haha! This light lilac color is the most unique shade among the six.

London - Midnight Mystery

It's the black lipstick with a hint of blue. You can see the blue shimmers when you look closely. Although I like the mysterious effect of the blue shimmers, I think it would work better if the formula is like semi-matte. It was hard to get a bold and even application, I needed to build it up to get this finish.

Mexico City - Bombshell Red

My second favorite! It's soooo spicy! Rawr!

Milan - Gold Goddess

Another shade I was surprised of. It actually looks okay as well! Maybe I can pull off a gold lippie when I'm out at the mall. What do you think?

Buenos Aires - Wild Orchid

It's the classic fuchsia shade with a twist! It has a strong pearl-like finish. It's the most long-lasting from the group as well!

All lipsticks are moisturizing and still pigmented—the classic Super Lustrous formula. I can somehow connect as to why each shade was inspired from a city.

If you want to grab your own Street Chic lipstick, regular price for each lipstick is PhP 350.00!

Which shade is your favorite?



  1. Love your blog & Your lips are so nice in dark pink shade

    1. Thanks Joyce! Glad to know you like the blog and I'll wear more pinks then! :)