Wednesday, November 15, 2017

RiRe Luxe Gel Tattoo in Grey Brown

Hey dolls!

There was a hype a few months ago on eyebrow gel tattoos. I didn't get one until the hype sort of died down a bit. I don't usually buy items just because it is popular, I buy them because I'm interested in them (or in some cases, they are hugely discounted—so what the heck, right?). Well, I bought an eyebrow gel tattoo because it is hugely discounted at the Althea website. Haha!

RiRe Luxe Gel Tattoo in Grey Brown
From PhP 760.00, it was down to PhP 320.00.

I bought the shade Grey Brown because I have dark hair right now. The other shade is Light Brown.

See below the details on the box:

I appreciate the English translation included in the packaging. For further product info, I recommend visiting Althea's website.

To sum up all the claims regarding the RiRe Luxe Gel Tattoo, it promises to:

- Enhance your brows (will stay on skin so you look good even with "bare" skin)
- It's long-lasting (can last up to 7 days)
- moisturize and nourish the skin

The product is housed in a tube that looks just like the usual mascara tubes. There's barely any design except the labels. The simplicity is pretty okay for me. I do like that the color of the tube is the shade color as well.

The applicator is a brush that's a bit flat. I like that because it makes applying at the corners easier because you can create thinner lines.

Here's a swatch:
It dries like something that's plastic. This swatch is a bit thin and I realized that peeling it off is easier if you apply a thicker amount.

When peeled-off, you do get a grey-brown shade. I dunno if it's the lighting that it looks a bit greenish in this swatch, but you get a better look on the swatch on my brows below.

Here's my brow. I have dark brow hair. You might see a hint of brown there from my previous application from days before.

Here's how it looks when I apply it.

Make sure you apply it on clean skin. I recommend that you apply it after cleansing so there's no sebum build up around the area you apply it. I have oily skin so it only takes a few hours before I get shiny.

After more than an hour, I peeled it off. The instruction in Althea's website even recommended waiting for two hours.

And this is how it looks when you completely peel the product off.

I do like how it turned out! It's pretty cool actually. It doesn't look harsh because of the absence of lines. I just apply a brow mascara and I'm ready to go!

After a day at work (I applied the night before) and removing makeup, here's how it looks like.

I like that it's still there and I think that it got too light already. I think my oily skin and my makeup remover probably contributed to the fading. With this case in mind, I think I'll have to reapply again because the faded version doesn't sit well on my eyes. So the promise that it can stay up to 7 days, I doubt it can on my skin considering how much it faded after a day. Maybe I can do some retouch with a regular brow pencil but that's pretty much like applying a brow product all over again. I do appreciate that it holds up for the entire day and you can even swim with it and your brows still look "on-fleek." 

But yeah, it still fades so having the perfect brows 24/7 for days is still not there for me yet. I still like this product and if you're looking for a brow tattoo you can try and that's also affordable, I recommend you try the RiRe Luxe Gel Tattoo!



  1. The price is inviting, and thinking of an overnight to a friend without worrying your eyebrows will get lost is one perfect job for this product! :)