Saturday, November 11, 2017

Kanebo Media Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown

Hey dears!

When I was in Tokyo last January, I made sure I buy some eye products to try. I've been loving most of the Japanese beauty products I've used so far so I just bought whatever it is I find that is within my budget.

While I was somewhere in Shibuya, I went to one store that sells variety of cosmetics. While browsing their collection, I found this very affordable eye brow pencil and when I say affordable, it's around PhP 300 or maybe PhP 200 or even less when converted. I can't remember how much exactly. 

Kanebo Media Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown

The labels on the back side of the packaging is not in English so I couldn't read it...
So here's a product description from

A basic, easy to use eyebrow pencil with soft touch, the oval pencil tip allows drawing of different thickness of lines. Easily removed by (Kanebo) eye makeup remover, available separately from our store.
Available in Grey, Natural Brown, and Dark Brown...

Other than being so affordable, I am liking how it looks. It's so small and thin that it's so easy to carry, especially when travelling. It's only like 4-5 inches in length.  The design is pretty simple with it's very dark blue shade and metallic labels. I like that it's a twist-up kind of pencil so there's no need to sharpen it.

With it's cheap price, you actually get a decent amount of product. It's pretty much the same length as those you get from more familiar Korean brands. Although I do think Kanebo is pretty familiar already although the media collection (or is this a sub-brand like KATE) is pretty new to me. If you do know, please comment below so I can edit. Thanks. :)

Here are the swatches.

I like how light it is even when you try to build it up. It avoids creating harsh lines and too strong brows. I can see how it can create more natural looking brows, especially if you are on the lighter skin tone and finer brow hair.

Unfortunately for me, I have dark and thick brow hair as seen on the photo above.

And with the product applied, it doesn't look good at all. For one, I seriously need a brow mascara first. And two, the consistency of this brow pencil is too waxy (wax crayon-like) that it even coats my brow hair and make them stick together. This just doesn't sit well on my brows. At all. :(

As much as I want to like everything I found in Tokyo, this is just one of the worst brow products I've tried. I guess it would work well on people who have thinner brow hair, but there are other affordable pencils who can do the job better. This is just not good, at least for me.

And that's my review! Have you tried this before? What brow pencils do you like?



  1. Eugh I hate waxy pencils. Reminds me of the Ever Bilena ones that are super creamy and waxy. :( :/