Monday, April 20, 2015

Vitress Special Edition Solenn Hair Cuticle Coat

Hey guys!

So I've been sporting my ombre, curly hair for a year now and I've been thinking of getting a new hair style. But whenever I go out, I get some compliments that my hair looks really nice and that is why I keep postponing my plans to change my locks. I also think that my hair still looks fine so why change right? Anyway, I'll decide on changing my crowning glory in some other time. For now, I'll just share the current product I use to make my hair shiny and looking healthy this summer.

Vitress Special Edition Solenn Hair Cuticle Coat

I actually use the cream type hair polish ones from Vitress because I thought that they would be lighter and won't bring my hair down. But you know what, the hair cuticle coats works just as well!

This product promises to give the hair instant shine, softness, smoothness, and protection. It's affordable (It's only Php 80.00) as well!

This special edition product's formula and bottle was co-designed by Solenn herself!

I apply this after I towel dry my hair. I can't comb my hair after my bath because my permed curls would go straight so I just detangle using my fingers while my hair is wet. This product helps with detangling. I add more at the ends when my hair dries for a shinier finish.

Check out my hair. On the left is without the cuticle coat and on the right is with the product.

My hair looks shinier and they look more tamed and together. The curls are more noticeable as well.

I love that this inexpensive product can make my hair look so good with just a few amount applied. I just make sure that I apply just 2-3 pumps or else my hair will look very oily (I have naturally oily scalp to begin with). It might weigh down the hair and lessen the curls so just apply a small amount! :)

And that's all for my post about the Vitress Special Edition Solenn Hair Cuticle Coat. Any thoughts?



  1. I loooove my Vitresses. My hair feels like a silk blanket afterwards!

    1. Yay! I love that you can achieve glossy and soft hair without spending too much! :D