Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Heroine Make Mineral BB Loose Powder

Hey loves!

It was around last year that I became a fan of mineral makeup. I used to avoid them because the ones that I have used before were not able to conceal my skin problems such as pimples and acne scars. Plus, I think that they make my skin oilier than usual.

Anyway, since a brand made me change all those negative thoughts regarding mineral makeup, I became open to try out other mineral products from other brands. And that is why I bought this particular one...

Heroine Make Mineral BB Loose Powder

Bought this for Php 695.00.

I bought the shade 02 Natural. It is also available in 01 Light.

I bought this because I use loose powder on top of my foundation or BB Cream to prolong my makeup as well as for oil control. While I was browsing at Heroine Make's counter during their launch last year, I saw this product and tried the tester. The powder was silky soft and I love that it has a warm tone. I got excited and I was sure that I will buy myself one when I need a new loose powder.

And after some months, I finally bought one! Yay!

If you see the labels at the back of the packaging which I posted above, you'll see that it promises to do the things I want my loose powder to do which is to prolong my makeup and control shine. But this powder adds more good stuff because it has SPF25 and has coverage! Yay!

It's housed in this cute, pink jar and includes a soft puff applicator.

I don't use the puff much because I prefer using my powder brushes for application. It's still very soft though and I still keep it as a stopper or to block the holes so that the jar won't get messy when I don't use it.

I've mentioned how soft and silky smooth this powder is when I first swatched it last year... and it still is! Check out the swatch below:

Love the color and the coverage. It's pretty close to my face's skin color.

And when blended, you can see that it does have coverage and yet it feels very light! I like that it doesn't sink in the lines of my skin and it doesn't appear cakey. And I like that it makes my skin matte but not flat... it still has a very light dewy/glowing finish.

Here's a pic of me with BB Cream and this Mineral BB Loose Powder on top. My BB cream was slightly lighter than my skin but this powder evened it out to match my skin tone. I love that it looks natural and fresh and somehow concealed some of my enlarged pores. My makeup can last the whole day and the oil control this gives is pretty decent, I just blot after 4-5 hours. It's really a good finishing powder!

Overall, this is a good product! I find the price pretty reasonable since it works nicely. I never encountered any breakouts nor irritations when I use this so I guess I have no bad experience with this one. I recommend you try it out!

What are your thoughts about the Heroine Make Mineral BB Loose Powder yet? What about their other products?



  1. I have this too but I am planning to finish my giant 3w clinic powder first before opening this :D I got the same shade too! Now I am totally excited to use this!

    1. I hope you like this too. The 3W is smoother though but this one has more coverage.

  2. Oh this looks awesome! I absolutely love this brand for their super waterproof mascara and eyeliner and have repurchased them for years but have yet to try their BB cream/powders! I really must soon!

    1. Heroine products are really good! I hope you like their face products when you try them out.