Thursday, April 09, 2015

Stila Color Push-up All Over Color in Blush Flash

Hey loves!

I have mentioned that I am not a fan of cream nor gel blushes but I guess my sister is quite fond of them... or maybe not... because she has sent me yet another one and this time, it's from Stila...

Stila Color Push-up All Over Color

I don't own much Stila products... in fact, I think I have only tried around a handful of their products so I was excited to try it out when I received it.

The shade I got is Blush Flash.

The packaging is a twist-up type (like a deo!) plastic material. It's see-through so you can see the shade of the product.

The shape makes it easy to apply since it can cover large areas, but if you like it thinner, you can just apply with the edge because the width is thinner.

The color seems like a dark cranberry red shade, but when you apply it, it's actually very sheer. You'll get this color...

It's sort of a very warm dark rose pink color that's very sheer and with a dewy finish.

The consistency is quite thick and it feels sort of sticky and waxy which is a big no-no for me so I got turned off at first swatch to be honest. :/

It does look good when I wear it. Check out the photos below:

Left: no blush yet
Right: with the blush

Since it is an "All Over" color, I also try using this as a lippie. The sticky, waxy feel is more tolerable as a lippie  but it can dry your lips badly. YIKES!

So even if it looks good and creates that simple, natural and dewy finish, I don't recommend this at all because it feels so bad on skin, like you're wearing thick wax! And it dries your lips that will lead to chapping! Just no. :(

I guess that's all I can say with this product. I tried looking for info on this particular one but it's not on the website anymore. I think I read in other reviews that this has been discontinued already... I would not be surprised if this is true. :P



  1. I guess I can't stand the waxy and sticky feel of this blush but the shade looks nice in your lips.


    1. Thanks. I can't stand this as well and I don't think I would consider using the blush again even if it looks nice. :P

  2. One glance and I thought it looked so much like a deo stick. lol The packaging on this one is a little bit of a bust, methinks. For the foundation and primers, the minimalist thing looks good. In this case, still with the deodorant. That color is beautiful on both lips and cheeks. Not always the case for 2-in-1's/all-over-colors, so it's a bummer how it's waxy and drying. :(

    1. Yes! It really does remind me of a deo stick as well. Haha!

  3. That's too bad it doesn't work on the lips! I absolutely hate products that dry out or cause my lips to feel dry. Such a nono! It's a very light stain despite being so dark in the tube! I've never seen it before!

    1. It does look good but quality is not good enough for me. :( Nono indeed.