Friday, January 07, 2011

Meet Theodore and Francesca

Hi Girls!

Sorry for the lack of post. We've been really busy. One reason is that I have a ton of projects to finish and one of them is this plate for our Ad design subject. We are tasked to do a Pixilation Animation wherein we will make a film using a lot of pictures instead of videos. Good thing is that it is done in groups of 6 and of course I'm with my closest friends

 Vireza and Anna (just to name a few).

So the short film will revolve around a date between Theodore and Francesca!

So here's our lead actor, the cute, korean-looking, Theodore!

And our beautiful and sexy actress, Francesca!

Makeup of Francesca is done by yours truly.

Hopefully they let me post our short film in the blog when it is done! :P


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