Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sydney Trip Haul

Hey dolls!

Almost a month ago, I went to Sydney to hang with my sister. I stayed there for two weeks and was able to see more of the city. I also visited a few places again that I was able to see when I was there back in 2016, like a couple of museums and stores. 

I super enjoyed hanging at dog parks with my sister's dog. I really appreciate how much Australians care for their pets. As a dog mom, I wished that that's the case at least in Manila. Most of the dogs were friendly and playful and the people were nice and thoughtful. 

Of course, a trip isn't complete without "a bit" of shopping! Here are the products that I was able to take back to Manila...

These aren't things I bought. They were gifts from my sister. She developed this new interest in perfumes up to the point that she's designing her own scent as well. She's friends with some perfumers too where she gets more tips and tricks in creating her own unique fragrances. I was able to smell some of her own works and they were great!

The ones she gave me I use alternately. I like how they smell and there's one for every mood I have. The Teone Reinthal in Wan Chai is spicy and sexy and it's something different that I didn't think I would like but now I've been using a lot lately. The Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb Rose Explosion is the scent that I think many of those who know me would think is sooo me, and I agree! Haha! And Golden Catleya from Olympic Orchids is a pleasant floral smell that I like to wear when I want a relaxing day out.

A trip to Australia isn't complete without something from Aesop! I was introduced to this brand when my sister sent me samples of their skincare, usually their cleansers and masks. I really like them so I wanted to buy some full-sized products. I bought one of their kits—Perception.

It's AU $70.00 and it contains three products—the Redemption Body Balm, Redemption Body Scrub, and Cleanser. They smell divine and I especially love the scrub's texture!

My brother also bought a few stuff like a cleanser, spot control cream, and an oil burner blend (which you can see below). We also bought our sister and her boyfriend a room spray as well as the oil burner blend as a thank you gift for providing our accommodation. 

And because we bought so much, we were able to take home sooooo many freebies! The deluxe-sized toothpaste, pet shampoo, cleaners and body balm were some of them and my brother and I were able to get an envelope full of Aesop product sachets. Here's mine...

The people in Aesop asked our skin types and recommended that we try some of their masks and other skincare items so these sachets are somewhat personalized according to our skin type and what we are comfortable to use. Yayyy! Shopping at Aesop is just so fun!

My sister suggested that I check out Mecca Max. Since I wanted to try more Australian beauty products, I bought one that is something that is not yet in my beauty stash...

Mecca Max Banana Bake Skin Filter

Since I do like to brighten some areas of my face, I think a pressed powder with a light warm tone would be great! I have been a fan of the Banana Powder for so long and that's why I found this interesting because it's pretty much like it but in a different form.

Dr. Dennis Gross C-Collagen
This is one of the most expensive skincare products I've bought but I have no regrets because Vitamin C is just so good for my skin. I've been using this for a month now and I've noticed my dark spots tend to fade faster and my skin just looks brighter.

I had to bring some pasalubong so I also bought Tim Tam and Higher Living Teas. I wanted to get T2 teas too but I settled with a more affordable tea. I do like how they taste and they smell so good too!

During our stay was also the time that winter in Sydney officially started. We thought we could handle the temperature with the clothes that we bought, but unfortunately we couldn't. So I bought an extra jacket to keep me warm, but before we went home, I bought two more! Hahaha! They look great!

Bought this at Zoo for only AU $20.00 only!

The two photos above were the ones I bought two days before going back to Manila. They are not too thick so I believe I can still wear it in the Philippines during the -ber months.

As I mentioned, I didn't bring much warm enough clothes... it turns out I didn't bring appropriate footwear too! I only brought a pair of leather shoes and open sandals. Yikes! We went hiking and did the coastal beach walk so I had to buy rubber shoes. I bought this very comfy pair from Sketchers. I also threw in a pair of Havayanas slippers that I can wear at home. Both were on sale at Birkenhead Point Outlet Center. I chose the simplest ones because honestly, I didn't use to wear these kinds of footwear so I stuck with the basic! Haha!

Next part is the Asian beauty haul! Haha! What's funny is that I also visited Japan a couple of months back. I just can't get enough of Asian skincare! Bought these from W Cosmetics...

Cow Beauty Soap
I'm just really curious with these soaps because I saw so many of them in Osaka.

Oh, and I got more soaps! Matcha and strawberry scents are just too yummy-smelling to ignore and the charcoal soap is something that I think might improving my skin by washing out the pollutants and excess sebum on the skin. Plus, I find the design cute too!

I just had to try Creer Beaute The Rose of Versailles Eyeliner. I'm just so intrigued of Lady Oscar, one of the brand's featured characters. There are other characters featured like Princess Antoinette and they even produce the Sailormoon makeup! 

The two blushes I bought because they were on sale for AU $2.00 only! 

I bought this Saborino face masks. It contains dozens of sheet masks and it's pretty affordable. The ingredients listed are also okay.

The Kiku Masamune Japanese Sake Brewing Skin Care Lotion has high reviews so I wanted to try it.

Banila Co.'s The Secret Marbling Highlighter in Scandalist. It was at 50% off and I wanted something from Banila Co. for the longest time. :P

Finally, I got these Mediheal face masks. It's the set that features KPop group BTS. This is actually a gift for my brother because he listens to this group.

Aside from the photos, he really liked the masks. Both work well on his skin. One is for calming and the other is for hydration. I'm glad he liked this gift.

Finally, I was able to take more products home because my sister gave me all these...

I'm too lazy to type them one by one (sorry!) but you'll be seeing them soon on the blog. And the last photo is the Indian Healing Clay Mask which I am a new fan. I mixed it with apple cider vinegar and it made wonders on my skin! Ugh! I need a whole tub! Hahaha! 

Anyway, those are all the things I brought home from my trip to Sydney! Anything here that you find interesting and want a review?


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