Sunday, August 27, 2017

Bath&BodyWorks: Aromatherapy - Sleep Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Hello ladies!
I've recently moved to San Francisco for my two year masters and have had quite a skin predicament. My skin just immediately dried up and had rough patches especially around the lower back and thigh area. I did up my "daily" (cause I was lazy) dose of lotion from once a day to twice a day with accompanying oil and Nivea In-Shower lotion but alas, rough edges remains.
Since a loofa is discouraged by my derma - I get red dots which look like hemorrhages on my skin after loofa - I went looking for a salt scrub or something similar for my exfoliation needs.
I went with Bath&BodyWorks simply because it's the nearest one to where I am currently residing.
The aromatherapy sugar scrub line has 4 aromas: eucalyptus spearmint (stress relief), lavender vanilla (sleep), orange ginger (energy), and eucalyptus tea (stress relief). When I went shopping they only had the lavender vanilla and eucalyptus tea in the store. I honestly just grabbed lavender vanilla because of the big word: SLEEP, and I do not regret choosing it.
So the product really does smell very relaxing and sleep inducing. The instruction actually says to breathe in deep while you are doing your scrub.
You do have to be very careful when opening it as it's very fluid on top, which I think is all the essential oils, and then settled at the bottom is the sugar.
To be hygienic, I have designated a plastic spoon to be my scooper. One tablespoon is about the best amount for me to use during exfoliation. I do this once or twice a week.
The exfoliation is quite gentle and the texture is a little rougher than a salt scrub. It feels like it melts away after sometime while you're scrubbing and it leaves a smooth film over your skin. It has slowly but surely improved the texture of my skin. After just two scrubs the rough patches are gone and only visual traces of them remains.
However, it doesn't really help me sleep faster, but it does uplift my spirits and calm me down after a hectic day.
This product is not animal tested and since it's sugar, it will not deposit any small material that are harmful to fish.
One tub costs $16.00 and I think is just about right since it can last you a long time. Just be sure to use a spoon so you can measure your use well.
Anyway, that's it for this short review of this product. I'll post more in the coming days about my current skin care routine and the current condition of my skin. And I promise the products I will review will be available in the Philippines as well. :)

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