Sunday, March 06, 2011

More Practice on Creative Makeup :P

Did the makeup for the photoshoot of our collection, The House of Dramatic Deception, for the Cirq Regal Fashion Show Souvenir Program. I had to do it as fast as I can since I had to do the makeup for around ten models. :P

This is Mariane. She was one of the models who wore my designs during the Cirq Regal Fashion Show.

Unfortunately, the makeup is not as vibrant and colorful in the photos for the program compared to the pictures taken by Mariane of herself from her cam. :(

Here are some of the people I get the chance to put makeup on:

  AJ wore my other design too. :P

Dianne wearing a design by Ezra Capunitan.

 Aya wearing our collection's Avant Garde. Design by Tatie Aquino.

Photos from Mariane Ebido and Isai Martinez