Tuesday, February 03, 2015

V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Facial Mask

Hi lovelies!

Looking for a delicate water-based exfoliating mask? Do you dislike having to rub rough scrubs on your face to remove dead skin? Then you might want to check this product out.

V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Facial Mask

I received an email from one of the representatives of the brand who asked if I'd be interested in trying a product that "effectively remove dead skin cells without any harsh scrubbing. It reveals a clearer, fairer skin instantly!" With that kind of description, no questions asked, I immediately agreed.

And this arrived in our doorstep a few days later.

It contains four sachets of the V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Facial Mask. 

So before I tried one, I read what was labeled on the brochure so that I would have an idea on what it can do and what I can expect from it. Here's what's written on it:

Reading those claims made me feel at ease with this product especially since the brand is new to me. I like that it's dermatologist-tested and that it promises results in just 10 days. It has no mineral oil that can lead to break outs or allergies to some people (my sister experiences break outs from that). It's also water-based which leads me to the idea of it being milder than other thicker products.

What made me more confident about the product is that it has been mentioned numerous times in different printed media all over the world.

I like rice bran in my skin care. I used to buy these rice bran soaps from Cyleina (I don't think they carry this anymore, please let me know if they still do!) and those soaps help me with my bacne problems. They have small scrubs that help exfoliate dead skin but it still never dries my skin. So knowing that the primary ingredient of this peeling facial mask is rice bran made me trust this brand even more.

The seaweed, on the other hand, is a familiar ingredient to me when it comes to skincare. I love the seaweed range from The Body Shop so having seaweed in the product is also a good sign for me!

I used this twice a week for two weeks. I used one whole sachet for my face in every use.

The product is clear and the consistency is gel like but it dissolves easily into a watery substance.

As instructed, I apply this all over my face and after 5 seconds, I massage it in a circular motion.

And look! Flakes, which are actually dead skin, started to appear. And if you're in doubt if it really is skin, I tried rubbing it on other surfaces like wood and glass but no flake was produced so I do believe this only works on skin.

And then I just rinse it off with water! It's so easy to use, no need to scrub with rough beaded creams on your face to get rid of dead skin that clogs up pores. It's gentle on skin and I didn't encounter redness (I get that when I use facial scrub too long) or any kind of irritations. And after rinsing, my face felt smoother and softer! Awesome!

I super like the product and I would love to get a full-sized one. Seeing as how effective this product is, I'm curious to know what other products V10 Plus has. I'm very interested to know more about it.

Have you tried this product yet? Would you like to try something like this? Do you know other V10 Plus products? 



  1. I've tried Cure and I like it? But I don't think it's absolutely necessary to me unless I go the natural route since I believe Cure doesn't have any harsh chemicals in it.

    1. I have tried Cure too and this is very similar to that. :D

  2. This is the first time I heard about this product. Anyway, does the representative tell you where it is available or how much is it?