Wednesday, May 30, 2012

United Colors of Benetton 2012 Fragrance Launch

  Hiya beautiful readers!

A few weeks ago, I got an invite to attend the launch of United Colors of Benetton's newest fragrances. It was my first time to be invited by the brand so I was quite excited to go.

Last Friday evening was the event. We were asked to wear Black and White and silver or gold accessories. I didn't have any problems with the attire since those required were actually the things I have the most in my closet. :P
The event took place at Johnny Rockets at Tomas Morato, QC. Quite near to our place. I think the place goes well with the required attire since the place is majority black and white in color. :P

 I thought I will be late since I am already 30 minutes behind and was stuck in traffic around Araneta Ave. But when I got there, there were only a few people present so I was relieved. 

Emily, the one who invited me and also hosted the event, gave me a warm welcome and introduced me to those who were already present. She was really nice and is quite familiar with most of the bloggers since she has been managing brands and doing events, plus she's also a blogger too!

While waiting for the event to start, I chitchatted with people then went around taking pictures of the products and the place.

In every table, there were testers of the new fragrances. Of course I immediately sprayed each of 'em on the strips of paper provided. 

 I even labeled them one by one so I won't forget. :P
I'm totally loving Hot Gold and Cold Silver!

 Around the function room were displays of the different perfumes from Benetton.
 Cold Silver and Hot Gold
Benetton Bianco and Benetton Nero
 and the other fragrances from Benetton.

Some of these bottles were given away to those who have best outfits. Too bad I didn't win. :P

 And look! The seats are getting filled-up by fellow bloggers!

The program started with a dance number from the staffs of Johnny Rockets

And then a powerpoint presentation

Hosted by Ms. Emily Koa

She introduced to us the newest fragrances from United Colors of Benetton, namely:


These two are extensions of their Benetton Colori collection

 And the Cold Silver and Hot Gold Perfumes

I promise to give you detailed information and my thoughts in a separate post! :D

After the presentation, we ate a hefty dinner. 
It's my first time eating at Johnny Rockets and their beef patty is absolutely awesome! And the milkshakes are just ♥!
The program ended with another dance number! :D

Accompanying me in the table were 3 pretty bloggers

and here I am posing with the girls and Emily!

And I get to go home with a press kit!

Plus, I got another invite to an event for Azzaro!

The event was fun. I get to meet bloggers that I haven't met in person, I get to experience first the new products from United Colors of Benetton, and I get to finally eat at Johnny Rockets (I even ordered take-out, haha!). 

I believe this has been quite a long post already. 
I will blog about the fragrances tomorrow so please stay tuned! ♥



  1. They have new packaging na pala :)

  2. Yeah. I think this one looks better. :)

  3. Uy, I wanna go to Johnny Rockets! :D

  4. Hi Gellie! You should try their burgers out! Super delish! :)

  5. Love the group pics! It was nice to meet you at the event. See you soon!! :))