Thursday, October 06, 2016

New Makeup for My Birthday!

Hey dearies!

So I just celebrated my birthday last week and, of course, I bought some makeup and I also received some gifts from friends (well, most of them are more like pasalubong because two of them just got back from abroad).

And here they are...

Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

The palette was included in my best friend's pasalubong from L.A. when she visited last September. I actually requested for the palette and I was planning to pay for it when she gets here, but she said it's a gift. Huhuhu... my friend is so sweet no?

Last month, BeautyMNL had a promo with Shu Uemura. Just buy one item from them and you get an eyeliner worth PhP 1,500.00 for free.  You don't get to pick what type of eyeliner or what color you'll get, but I still think that the deal is really good. I was able to get the freebie but I dunno if you can still avail the promo since it will continue only until supplies last.

I bought this lipstick—Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte in MCR342.
It's PhP 1,000.00

And I got this freebie—Shu Uemura Metal Ink Liquid Eyeliner 

I also got gifts from blogger friends!! Weeeee!

I met with Helen and Tellie last month. For some weird reason, we always have gifts for each other whenever we meet. Haha!

I gave them sketches that I made of them. Hihihi.

I got the Zen Zest Vanilla Cream Body Scrub from Helen and the Peripera Ink Velvet Lip Tint and Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint from Tellie.

And those are all the products I've acquired during my birth month. I'll post swatches and reviews of all of them soon. I hope you stay tuned for that! ;)



  1. Grabe yung crayon! :D cute haha i miss you!

    1. Grabe talaga yung crayon! Hahaha! Miss you too, Helen!

  2. Laki nga po nung crayon! Gaganda po ng mga products! lalo na po yung Zen Zest Vanilla Cream Body Scrub from Helen and the Peripera Ink Velvet Lip Tint and Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint from Tellie...gusto ko yan matry! Gaganda nung sketch! Galing niyo po mga madam!

    1. Thanks, Sam! Will post my reviews on the products soon! :D

  3. Awesome stuff Dawn! I love that palette and have the older original version with the terrible glittery shade. Enjoy your items and happy belated birthday!

    1. Thanks, Sharlynn! I'm loving the palette too. I'm happy that they included matte shades on this one. :D