Saturday, January 16, 2016

NOTD: Girl Stuff Nail Lacquer in Grace

Hello loves!

Sharing my NOTD! 

I actually just recently bought this shade from Girl Stuff. If you don't know this nail polish brand yet, then you should start getting familiar with it because it is a Pinoy brand that is made of high quality ingredients. The polishes are long-lasting and even if I haven't used them for a while, they don't easily dry in the bottle. These polishes don't turn my nails yellow either even if I apply the dark ones. So yeah, I really do like this brand.

Anyway, during the holiday season, Girl Stuff was on sale and I bought two shades from them for only PhP 100.00 each. One shade I bought was...

Girl Stuff Nail Lacquer in Grace

Normally, I wouldn't really pick this shade. I'm not into grey-mauve look. I think it's too pale for me and it might make my nails look dull or lifeless.

The reason why I bought this is because I was looking for a nice nude shade. I knew right away that the other shade I bought, which is Machiatto, will look great because it's close to the color I usually buy, but this shade was recommended by the SA. At first I wasn't sure because it is not something I would pick up. But the SA reassured me that it will look good. Since it was on sale, I just trusted her recommendation and bought a bottle. :P

Ingredients list and other details on the back

So I used the polish and this is how it looks like on my nails:

Apparently, it does look good! Don't you think so too?

It's not really nude but it's a cooler shade of neutral. I'm not sure if it will look good on every skin tone but I guess I can't really judge until one actually wears it just like in this particular case. I thought it wouldn't look good, but I think it's alright. It actually looks pretty classy when you see it in person. :)

Do you like this kind of shade as your nail polish? 



  1. I'm not a fan...I think this will not suit me though I like it in your nails!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, the color is kinda tricky to predict whether it will look good on one's nails.