Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lancome Artliner Precision Felt Tip Liquid Liner

Hello dears!

Other than foundations, I think liquid eyeliners are the products that I buy most frequently (mascaras are a close third since it expires pretty quickly like eyeliners). This is why I just love it when my sister sends me some, and I love it even more if she buys me the expensive ones to try. Haha! ;)

Lancome Artliner Precision Felt Tip Liquid Liner

I rarely buy products that are more than a thousand pesos each so getting something from Lancome makes me so happy, especially because it's free! LOL Anyway, I'll just share with you swatches and show you its lasting power. 

First off, let's inspect the packaging. It's housed in a classy-looking plastic container. You twist the head to get a pointed felt tip applicator while the body contains the liquid liner.

On the box are important details regarding the eye liner.

Here's more info from the website:

The #1 liquid Liner on the market!

This effortless liquid eyeliner features a unique combination of two film-forming polymers that make every look last. Rich, deep, luminous color pigments offer the most intense color, and its uniquely shaped foam tip pen allows for precise shaping and defining of the eyes.

And it's available in nine shades.

The felt tip makes the application process very easy. It pretty much feels like you're just doodling or writing! The tip is quite sturdy to create those pretty thin lines. I really think that eyeliner beginners will not have much problem using this.

When the liner dries after application, it creates like a sort of ultra thin rubberized film that makes it so easy to remove when you wash it off but it stays really well on skin throughout the day as long as you don't rub it off.

This is how it looks like when swatched once.

I tried to rub it lightly here

Rubbed it harder several times

See? Not even a small smudge happened.

Rubbed under running water

Rubbed hardly with running water

And that's the only time when the product got removed! So yeah, it's really long lasting and quite easy to remove when you want to take off your makeup!

And how does it look when I use it?

There you go!
It's easy to use and it makes it easy to create that eyeliner wing. I do not, however, like that it's not black enough and I'm more into matte black eyeliners. 

To make things short, the product's lasting power is pretty impressive. It can last the whole day although there are times that I get little smudges when my skin gets too oily, but that happens very rarely. The applicator makes using the product really easy too. BUT I am not fond that it's not matte and as black as some of the eyeliners I've used. The price is also a big issue (it's around $30 USD) because it is three times more expensive compared to one of my current favorite liquid liners.

I really like this product but I am equally satisfied, if not more, with other products that are more affordable than this one. If you do have the financial ability, I would still recommend this product because I still think it's pretty good, especially if you like having differently colored eyeliners! 

Have you tried the Lancome Artliner Precision Felt Tip Liquid Liner yet?



  1. I think it's pretty good though despite the price no? Granted I'm not one to buy $30 eyeliners if I have to I'd spend it on skincare, foundation or an eye palette. :))

    1. I'm more open to use my $30 on skincare or foundation too than on eyeliners. I've tried a number of good liners that are way more affordable e. :P

  2. whatever I have a unsteady hands hehehe I skip liquid eyeliners though I like that this is shiny type of black.

    1. You'll get the hang of it when you practice. :D