Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Review: Ever Organics Tomato Collection

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If you're a fan of KBeauty, you probably like having the "glass skin" look. If this look is new to you, it's pretty much having a clear, smooth, bright, and dewy skin. A huge part of achieving this look is having well-moisturized skin. Kbeauty skincare is known for having so many steps and products that many of us here may feel overwhelmed with all the products and the cost of them.

Well, a local brand, Ever Organics, just released a collection that focuses on giving us the "Glass Skin" we've been craving for and in such affordable prices! And oh, did I mention that their products are made in Korea? Yep, the land of Kbeauty and the where the glass skin got famous first.

Ever Organics Tomato Collection

The main ingredient of the collections is Tomato! Tomato extract is known to help moisturize skin and soothe it. It has vitamin C and B vitamins that have anti-aging properties. Benefits that are very needed to achieve the clear, smooth glass skin!

First one I used in the collection is the Tomato Glass Skin Sheet Mask. First impression is it smells really good!

Product description, ingredients, and directions are listed at the back.

I followed the directions and after I removed the sheet mask, my face feels hydrated and plump! My skin looks dewy and moisturized! 

I also used the remaining serum in the mask by wiping it on my body to give the rest of my skin some love!

One sheet mask is PhP 49.00 only.

Next up is the 95% Tomato Soothing Gel. I think it's the more famous product in this collection as it promises to give multi-purpose use.

According to their Facebook page, it claims to be a:

Facial Moisturizer
Body Lotion
Aftershave/wax treatment
Hair Mask
Nail Treatment
Sunburn Remedy

I've used it and it feels great on skin. It smells great too! I usually use it after my bath and I just feel refreshed after every use. I even put it in the fridge to make it cool so it's even more refreshing when used, specially since it's always so hot in Manila.

I haven't tried it as a hair mask yet but I will soon.

You can get this for PhP 150.00 for the pouch containing 100ml and Php 300.00 for a tub containing 300ml.

Last from the collections is the 95% Tomato Glass Skin Toner Face Mist. I love using this just to refresh my face. I kept spraying this just cause I like the cool feeling it gives, that's why it's on my office desk most of the time. Haha! 

So it's a toner so it is usually a step after cleansing. It prepares your face for the big stuff like your serum and moisturizer. This product does that and it feels good on skin and it smells nice. It really makes skincare fun to do in the morning and at night.

You can get the toner for PhP 198.00 only.

If you like to try the whole set, it is also available as a unit for PhP 387.00 only!

If you're interested to know more about the collection or other products from Ever Organics, visit their:
𝗦𝗛𝗢𝗣𝗘𝗘: https://shp.ee/ddw3mnh
𝗟𝗔𝗭𝗔𝗗𝗔: bit.ly/EOLazada

Have you tried any of the products from Ever Organics Tomato Collection? Let me know your favorite!


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