Friday, August 23, 2013

What's New With HBC?

Hello dears!

Just want to share these news from one of my favorite local brands, HBC.

Super love it!! It looks more youthful and quirky!

Is that Kristine Hermosa I see on their cover photo of their Facebook Page?
I guess they also have new endorsers too! 

And they will also have a new store jingle for their
Girl Gets Kita campaign
Haven't heard it yet but excited to drop by one of their stores to check it out!

HBC actually has a lot of surprises prepared for us! One of these was shared with me but they prefer to keep it a secret... And I assure you guys, it's really juicy!

What do you think of HBC's new look?



  1. yan din ang palagi kong tanong pag nagpupunta ako ng HBC. " Si Kristine Hermosa na 'To?" hahaha

  2. Haha! Sure na sya yan. It's been a while since I last saw her.

  3. The new logo is really nice. I think it is more appealing than the old one. And did you say that that girl is Kristine Hermosa? I didn't even recognized her.