Saturday, June 30, 2012

Peachy Pink Sisters 2nd Birthday Giveaway

 Hello everyone!!

Our blog just had it's second birthday last week! Yayyy! ♥

Oh how time flies... We remember it was just some days ago when my Dawn and Trace randomly named the blog Peachy Pink Sisters because they can't think of anything else.

Last year's anniversary wasn't celebrated because that was our hiatus days. Haha! The sisters were so busy with thesis and such... so for this year, we want it GRAND!

So the sisters prepared something BIG for our ever-so-loyal-and-beautiful readers!

Hooorah! Girly logo, huh? ♥

And because we're unemployed (ouch), we looked for ways to make this grand celebration happen... And thank heavens we found these lovely sponsors! ♥

They generously agreed to our proposal and sent us these awesome items to be won by our lovely readers! ♥

A set of Chocolate Sugaring and 6 sets of their classic Sugaring kits from Strip It! Hair Removal Sugaring!
Dawn is acually a big fan of these. Read our review here.

A braided necklace and a braided bracelet and 2 printed wallets from Chimera Online Shop.
We just love their items! Have you seen the camera lens cup? It's just too cute!

3 Body Mists from Comfort Scents Online.
We love these because of their floral scents! Also check out their other items! Indulge your sense of smell!

and finally,
A complete hair coloring kit from HBC.
You must know by now that we are fans of HBC. Just check out our reviews of their products!

So let's go on to the giveaway!

This is open to Philippine residents only.
We know we've mentioned we'll try to make an international giveaway but with our limited funds, we can't do it yet. Sorry.

There will be not 1, not 2, not even 4 winners...
in fact,
there will be 8 winners for this giveaway!
Why 8? Because 8 is Dawn's favorite number, divide it by 2 (age of our blog) is equal to 4 (Liz's favorite number)! Haha! Nah... We just want this giveaway to be as grand and awesome as we could! ♥

So here are the items that you could win:

Prizes 1-4 will be picked randomly via rafflecopter!
Just send entries at the widget below the post! :)

Prize #1 contains:
Strip It! Sugaring Kit
Blue bangles
Aromanice Basmati and Palm Leaf Body Butter
Ever Bilena Purse Spray in Lover's Delight
Vichy Capital Soleil Ultra Light Lotion with SPF 50

Prize #2 contains:
Strip It! Sugaring Kit
The Healing Garden Body Mist in Tender Lavender
Olay Body Soap
Vaseline Healthy White Skin Lightening Lotion

Prize #3 contains:
Strip It! Sugaring Kit
The Healing Garden Body Mist in Passionate Rose
Wish Nail Stickers
Cover Girl Lipstick in Soulmate

Prize #4 contains:
Strip It! Sugaring Kit
The Healing Garden Body Mist in Uplifting Jasmine
A beaded necklace
2 Pure Beauty Super Brightening Facial Mask

Phew! That's just half of it! Here's how you can win Prizes #5 and #6!

Comment below your Name, email add, and tell us, Which Peachy Pink Sisters post you like the best and why.

Dawn and Liz will pick our favorite answer and will win the prizes respectively. :)

Prize #5 contains:
Strip It! Sugaring Kit
A printed Wallet
A braided necklace

Prize #6 contains:
Strip It! Sugaring Kit
A printed wallet
A braided bracelet

And last but not the least!!!
Prizes #7 and #8 can be won by...

Go to Peachy Pink Sisters' Facebook Page and give us the best birthday greeting you could think of! It can be a sincere message, a cute photo, anything! 
Dawn and Liz will pick their favorite and will win prizes #7 and #8 respectively.

Prize #7 contains:
The new Strip It! Chocolate Sugaring Kit
Bath and Body Works Body Lotion in Orange Sapphire
Vintage Owl Necklace
Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer Sachet
Purederm Vitalizing Green Tea Pack

Prize #8 contains:
HBC Hair Coloring Kit complete with
Tube of Hair Coloring Cream in Golden Blonde
Oxidizing Lotion and Hair coloring accessories
H&M Eye Shadow in Hot Sand

Quite exciting right?
So what are you waiting for!? Send your entries now!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will run until the last day of July! 
Yes! You have a month - til July 31st, to send in your entries! ♥

 Phew! We hope you guys are as excited as we are for this big celebration!
We would just love to thank all of our readers for the continuous support and for reading our blog for the last 2 years whether its about the reviews, makeovers or just our little random thoughts. A really big THANK YOU! :)
We would also want to thank our sponsors for trusting us with their fab items! ♥

and lots of LOVE!


  1. your blog is so cute! love it :-)

  2. maryleen santor
    i like your blog about the SAIZEN shop, lagi kami napunta dun ni hubby ang cute kasi nung mga item nila ^^

  3. wow.. so much blessings!! Good luck everyone! :)

  4. I love your post entitled Beks Gets a Makeover because the result of Angela is very stunning. She looks good with makeup and she is very beautiful indeed. Napakaganda na niya na walang make-up pero napaganda niyo pa siya lalo. :))

    Dobbe Sumalinog

  5. Fun yung mga posts niyo :D I keep reading your blog and I joined as a thank you for joining our blog's giveaways too :D

  6. Name:RUBY S. PAPIO

    Which Peachy Pink Sisters post you like the best and why.

    Answer:My favorite post is about UNRECOVERED MAKEUP EXPERIMENTS

    Hindi kasi ako marunong maglagay ng eyeshadow so when i look at this post nagkaroon ako ng idea and i was amazed sa ginawa mong make up experiment with Renz Mandac your model ,kasi para siyang foreigner artist sa look niya.. I so love it try ko din yan.Thanks for this post!

  7. Patricia RomasantaJuly 6, 2012 at 9:37 AM

    Name: Patricia Romasanta

    My favorite post is the

    - because i too, have a huge eyebags. I don't look good on pictures because of them. I will definitely try Etude House's concealer. But if it wont work, i'll also try the Ben Nye's Cover all wheel! Thanks for the review! :)

  8. Karla Joyce Zabala

    My favorite post is about the review Missha M Shiny BB Cream. I love BB Creams and your review was very helpful. I was looking for a good BB cream to purchase, and when I came across your post, I decided that I will like the BB cream. I love sparkly/shiny make-ups, so I think this will suit me. Thank you!

  9. Name: Katherine Rose Rivera
    Email Add:

    My favorite post/s is all your experimental makeup. Hindi ako makapile which once basta the theme of you blog about makeup experiments. It shows your creativeness! And natutuwa ako kasi kahit ordinary lang yung model nyo, no need for professional models and photographer, your making it really beautiful. Ang galing talaga! First time ko lang din makakita ng blog na may ganitong post. So keep it up Dawn and Liz :)

    Happy 2nd Anniversary! More blog posts to come :D

  10. June Izabelle Roque

    I almost like your make-up tutorials, I learned a lot on how to put my make up right.

  11. Hazel Grace Bellen

    I think I like your post about bb creams. As I started in collecting bb creams, I have so many questions on my mind. But when I read your post, some of my questions were answered. Thank you for this giveaway. God bless! :)

  12. Vanessa Rose Palacio
    The Peachy Pink Sisters posts I like the best are ALL OF THE ABOVE because ALL OF THEM are interesting to read! ^_^

  13. Frenchly Joyce Caspe

    I like your review about the Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Shine Free Dual Primer
    -your review is very helpful, not only this one. I have an oily skin and I've been looking for products esp moisturizer and primer for oily skin. So I find this very informative. b^^d

  14. Gerilen Polon

    i trust your reviews about beauty products but what i love more are the random posts, just like how your friend Bel organize your kikay station Dawn hehe I wish you could send her on my room too hehehe

  15. Shiela Laroa

    I loved your post about the The Body Shop Vanilla body mist as I was searching on Google for they said that the body shop had their newest product and presto! I just clicked the link of your blog site then read about the blog post but the most post that caught my eyes is about the FAKE MAC coz unfortunately, I'd bought one of that said faux product before. Geez. Well, I'm just glad that you made a blog regarding those fake mac. :)

  16. Name: Pierre Angeli Suravilla

    email add:

    Favorite post:
    - it can be also harmful to skin :(

  17. Ailyn Flores

    i like ur post especially about fashin and makeups

  18. Ailyn Flores

    i like ur post especially about fashin and makeups

  19. Marine Therese Decena

    hi!!you guys are amazing!!& congarts!!btw,thanks for sharing this!!

  20. I like your MAKEUP EXPERIMENT #06 : MY BOY VERSION post the best because you actually looked like a man in your pictures, amazing! Great job! It was totally fun! :)

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  21. Name:Marine Rose Decena
    i love to read your beauty review which is very informative.. also the fake MAC Lipstick you post makes me aware in buying products..:DD

  22. Liza Marie Valenzuela

    I love your posts/reviews about BB Cream. I'm always interested in different BB Creams so your reviews about it helps me to choose which one is the best and which one has the low grade.

  23. Name: Mae Belle Lacson
    Reason: It reminds me that cheap make-up is NOT ALWAYS good. The product is cheap for a reason. ;)

  24. Name: Mae Belle Lacson
    Reason: It reminds me that cheap make-ups are NOT ALWAYS good. The product is cheap for a reason. ;)

  25. Name: Lovely Joy Merced

    My favorite post is the MAKEUP EXPERIMENT #06 : MY BOY VERSION haha ang galing galing mukha ka talagang lalake!! i love it kung walang nakakakilala sayo aakalain nilang boy ka talaga, at siguradong habulin ng chicks!