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The Box PH’s DeTech(TM) Multi-Functional Blackhead Remover: Introduction + Review

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Ever had the problem of Blackhead? They are just the most annoying thing! Unlike the usual pimples that get smaller and eventually go away with proper care, blackheads just stay there for weeks and I really don't like looking at them. 

Aside from being so stubborn, they are so hard and painful to remove too! If you do it wrong, it will lead to serious skin damage. Yikes!

So when I got this email from The Box PH suggesting a collaboration by reviewing one of their products, I was so excited because it actually helps get rid of the annoying blackheads!!

Check this out...

This thing promises to help remove blackheads AND whiteheads with ease and with less pain! I think I've seen something like this before in the various and massive collection of videos in the internet, but I've never tried one. Which is why I got so excited to finally get my hands on it.

Just a few days after I replied to the collab proposal by The Box PH, this package arrived in my doorstep. 

This is what you see when you unbox it. The device itself, the charging chord, and 5 + 1 (the one attached to the device) suction heads. It also came with an instruction manual for directions and tips.

lets get to know the product starting with the parts:

I think it's pretty easy to figure out which is which. Everything is so easy to understand since you pretty much have only two buttons to work with.

The upper one is the power to turn it on and off while the one bottom one is the mode button to set the strength of the suction. There's a small LED screen on top of it where you can see which mode you have on as well as if the device is charging as seen on the photo below.

I added some guides from the press release (in maroon) for further information:

Charging. Upon opening the device, plug the vacuum to an electrical outlet and charge for at least 6 hours. The light display on the device will indicate it is charging (RED) and if it is fully charged (BLUE). 

It comes with a USB cable

Suction head/nozzle

Attaching the replacement heads. Choose the desired replacement head/probe to be used, snap the nozzle on to the vacuum and make sure it is secure. 

Preparing the face. Remove make-up and wash face with your choice of facial cleanser before using the multi-functional blackhead remover. Then, use face steam or hot towel and leave it on your face for 5-10 minutes to open up the pores. Dry the face with a clean towel before using the blackhead vacuum. 

Using the MFBR. Switch on the vacuum and select the device mode according to your skin type (1) Oily (2) Normal (3) Dry. Test and try it on your hand before using it on your face to know if you can handle the suction force of the device. Use in a sweeping motion and never leave it in an area for more than 2 seconds to avoid bruising. To prevent excessive redness and feeling sensitive, do not use the device longer than 10 minutes every time you apply it on your face. 

After using the MBFR. Wash and rinse the face with cold water or rub an ice cube around the face after using the device to tighten the open pores. You may also put on a cold mask/pack and moisturize your face using your favorite face products. 

Cleaning the probe. Clean the replacement heads after using to sanitize and prevent the impurities from building up and clogging the filter. Wash the probes with gentle soap or alcohol and dry with a towel. 

Reminders: Do not use the MBFR on inflamed acne as the process might be painful and it could leave a scar. The MBFR may not be suitable for thin, sensitive or spider veins skin. Test the product on your forearm or palm first and see if you can handle the suction strength of the device. Thin and/or sensitive skin is likely to get bruising easily.


1. Can I use the vacuum while charging?
NO. It is highly discouraged not to use the Multi-Functional Blackhead Remover while charging to avoid overheating that may result in an explosion.

2. Can the Multi-Functional Blackhead Remover treat my acne?
The vacuum can help in removing other types of acne like whiteheads and blackheads however, it can not treat severe acne. But with the device, you can prevent future outbreaks because you do not need to pick, squeeze or pop your pimples with this device.

3. Why does my face feel sensitive after using the product?
Using the device with the highest setting on the first try might make your face feel more sensitive. It is suggested that you use the setting according to your skin type and replace the suction heads according to what you want to improve on your skin, for example, use the big round head to suck blackheads on your nose area. If used appropriately, the device will not leave any red patches or bruises on your skin.

4. How long should I be using the device?
It is advised to use the device not longer than 6 minutes. Use the replacement’s heads and change the device mode according to your requirements but never stay in one place for more than 3 seconds. For better results, use the device once or twice a week as to not make your face dry.

5. What products should I use for the aftercare of using the Multi-Functional Blackhead Remover? 
You may use any moisturizer, essence or face mask that you prefer after using the device as long as it does not irritate your face. 


Apparently, the gear or modes are not according to your skin type! 

Oil mode: Low gear for delicate skin
Normal mode: High gear for removing of blackheads
Dry mode: Middle gear for deep cleaning

And these are the closeup of the suctions.


medium circular


Small circular

Large circular

 In the manual, you can see which is ideal for your skin type. I also like that you can change the size of the nozzle you use to help reach out places like the corners of my nose where I usually get white heads.

I used the vacuum using the Round head suction. I set it to normal gear.

I sweep it on my nose area and strictly follow the directions. Make sure to not sweep too slowly to avoid redness. Don't sweep longer than three seconds.

And just only at the nose area, I was able to collect all these gunk and grease! I'm amazed at how easy it was to use and it's actually more hygienic than using your hands (yes, I know some people who takes out whiteheads with their hands. I used to do it too and it took a while for me to avoid doing it. Our hands are usually dirty and doing so can lead to more whiteheads, blackheads, or acne. And there is also no assurance that you were able to take all of it out). 

And days after, I didn't encounter any irritation nor did I get any breakouts. I proceeded with my usual skincare too. Just follow the instructions carefully like only do this for twice a week at most since our skin still needs its natural oils to keep it moisturized. 

I currently do not have any large blackhead to try this out so how strong it can be in getting blackheads is not something I can test out right now. But if you do suffer from those, you might have to go to a dermatologist for that then relying to this device. It is safer to consult professionals. This is also the case when you are in any skin medication or treatment. 

So that's it for my review of the The Box PH’s DeTech(TM) Multi-Functional Blackhead Remover! If you're interested in getting one, do check it out at The Box PH. They also provided a discount code for you so you can get it for a greater deal.



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