Thursday, December 19, 2013

Princess Haven Nail Spa: Haven is only a few miles away...

Good evening ladies,

It's good to be able to once again have some free time in my hands and be able to blog. Just finished one really hectic rotation, and three days into the new one, I'm still feeling the residual fatigue from the former. I'm definitely in need of some quality R&R, and disappear into some untouchable safe place to sleep all my worries away. But when you're working/studying in Manila/Makati, the nearest thing to a vacation you get is that once in a blue moon/one in a week (for some) trip to the spa place.

One such particular place, which I have come to love, is Princess Haven Nail Spa. Located in Salcedo Street Legaspi Village, Makati, this spa place offers more than just your usual mani-pedi-foot-and-hand-massage service, it offers a relaxing haven which you'll surely go back to.

Some features of this spa that made me love it.

As you might have experienced, sleep is not that hard to attain when your hands and feet are being massaged, and well, due to interior design, most spa places do not have cabinets/shelves were you can keep your valuables safe while you snooze. You end up keeping your bag on your lap or somewhere beside you in your chair - which is not at all comfortable. Princess Haven has made the ottomans function as your personal bag keeper to give you optimal comfort while you lounge on their comfy customized chairs and reassure you that your valuables are as safe as they can be (inside the ottoman, beneath your legs). They also have automatic lock doors meaning not every one can easily enter the spa, ensuring your safety.

Sanitation is one of the most overlooked/taken-for-granted rule in spa places. I'm not saying dirty workplaces, what I mean is, hand sanitation. Remember that a huge percentage of diseases are transmitted by hand contact. Princess Haven's staff have been required to always bring alcohol and sanitize after each and every procedure. Also, for those who are fond of waxing, you'd be happy to hear that they DO NOT double dip so you're assured every time that no one's blood is admixed with the wax you're using, even your own.

Not all spa places that you frequent will always remember you and know what your preferences are, because they rarely keep, if not at all, records of your visit. At most, the receptionist will remember you but only by face and this is, I think, because they don't really expect you to come and frequent them. But Princess Haven keeps records of not only the dates you come to visit but also the treatments you like, your usual nail technician, and every other detail you might have mentioned before. That's why you know that when you go back there, even on days when your stress has eaten you up and you can't think straight, you can come in at Princess Haven and say "the usual" and they'll get it right every time.

And now, unto my very first visit...


So Dawn and I went there to try the place out and the owner, Ms. April Rose C. Pueda was generous enough to have lunch/merienda waiting for us.


Then she gave us a grand tour of the place. The place used to be a photography studio and she's left most of the interior work in place.


As mentioned earlier, the chairs and ottomans are all custom made and Ms. April designed them all for the shop. It used to be that all the chairs were colored pink, however, since their clientele now included men (and a lot of them, surprisingly, as she recalls), she had the purple ones made and added them to the interior.

They have free wifi access for the netizen and blogger customers, or simply for those who are in need of one. They also provide magazines and children's books for entertainment as well as a television set for the tv addicts.


They have different brands of nail polish ready and they even include non-toxic and organic ones which can be used for children. 

And they also have a nail dryer for hands and for feet which the customers can avail free of charge.

The waxing room, which is conveniently located in a more hidden part of the spa, is complete with all the equipment. 

As Ms. April assured me, they have enough popsicle stick ready to ensure that no DOUBLE DIPPING will happen. 

They also have a room which can be closed off from the other part of the shop for privacy.

And my single most favorite display in the shop...

Ms. April even goes the extra-mile, asking the construction people next door if they can stop and take their break while her customers are taking a nap. Good thing the construction people understand and are happy to oblige.

Dawn will be writing her own Princess Haven experience while I share mine here.

So I got the foot Paraffin treatment and the usual mani-pedi.

I have never heard of Paraffin treatment, ever so when it was offered to us, I did not know what to expect. The only thing that came into my mind with paraffin was... gun powder... I watched too much CSI during college. Anyway, as was explained, the paraffin treatment other than giving you a smooth relaxed skin, it basically helps with improving the blood circulation of the area on which the treatment is done. The exact physiology of it is something I fail to remember since I was in between keeping awake and falling asleep (was from hospital duty that day).

So it starts out as a liquid, similar in look and consistency as gelatin that's still cooking. Once applied on the skin, it hardens, like candle wax. Funny, how my foot got stuck on the basin when they were applying the paraffin. So when the paraffin hardens, it's really hard so before it completely hardens, they cover your feet in plastic then leave it for exactly 10 minutes (if I remember correctly) after which, they peel the plastic with the paraffin off, and you're left with a smooth and relaxed feet.

Over all, I like the way they service customers. The technicians ask you how hard you want the massage to be, if the temperature of your soaking water is ok, what nail shape you want, how you want your nails done, and if you have any ailments/health problems that may need special attention (i.e. diabetic).

In due time (when I've saved enough), I'll come back to get another relaxing treatment and hopefully get to say "the usual". They also have lash extension service which I'd like to try out next visit. Hope you visit them as well, here's their address and a list of the services they offer.

They're currently on a holiday promo! We hope you'll be able to take advantage of the promos they have to offer. As for me, I'll try to take advantage of them pretty soon.

Here are more pictures of the place.


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