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Pampered Like Royalty at Princess Haven NailSpa

Hello loves!

A day ago, Liz blogged about her experience at Princess Haven Nail Spa. We decided to do separate posts about our experience so that we can share a better and more detailed review on our personal thoughts on this nail spa.

So we went together one weekend upon invitation and we were so happy that we did! Read on to know why.

Princess Haven Nail Spa is a place where you can relax, bond with friends and family, and get pampered and prettified. They offer services from mani/pedi to waxing and eyelash extending. It is located at Ground Floor Island Tower#239 Salcedo Street, corner Benavidez St. Legazpi Village, Makati City. It was easy to find for me since I did work near the area for a few months last year. We were provided with a map too which I posted at the end of the post.

When we got inside the spa, we were greeted with pinks and purples, and all things pretty! Just look at this set-up next to their entrance.

So loving that Queen Elizabeth figurine!

And I'm liking the nail art selections!

We met the really pretty spa owner, April.

She first gave us a tour of the place. When you enter the premises, you might find it a little small but as you walk inside, the space gets bigger especially when you enter the somewhat like a "function room" which you can reserve to host a party or a group session.

There's also a waxing room!
They use wax that are tried and tested by none other than the owner herself. She made sure that the wax they use are suited for every skin type so she orders the one catered for sensitive skin. She also assured us that they do not double dip so they get the appropriate amount of wax before starting the session. Good hygiene is a must in every spa!

The polishes are displayed for the customers to see. They have premium polishes like Orly, China Glaze and OPI and also local ones like Bobbie. You can see more pictures of the polishes and the swatches on Liz's post.

What we loved most about the place are the comfy chairs!
They have pink ones and purple ones.
These were customized for the spa and they really are very comfortable! Originally, everything was pink but April noticed that the spa was getting quite a number of male patrons so she decided to twist the chairs up a bit and added slightly bigger purple chairs. They're less feminine than the pink ones but still blend well with the spa's ambiance.

The foot stools are also customized. You can open it and store your personal belongings so you can really relax as you get pampered.

And here's the wallpaper which I really find adorable. It really inspired me to redecorate my room! Perhaps this summer I might do just that.

After the tour, we were treated with merienda—super yummy pasta and a box of 5 macarons (my favorite!).
While eating, we had some chitchats with April. We learned that Princess Haven Nail Spa started last January 2013—yes, they'll be celebrating their anniversary soon! She told us that the nail spa business is something she really wanted to get into and she did! She's been getting loyal customers who frequent Princess Haven as a place to relax and bond. Most of these people are members of a family who make spa time their bonding time (I think Liz and I should do the same since we both haven't been seeing each other because of our busy scheds :P).

Look at us sitting comfy at the lovely seats! :P

After the meal, we proceeded to the pampering part!
On the pic: My feet soaked in this awesome device where they're getting cleaned and massaged.

I was to get a mani/pedi session with hand Paraffin treatment. I've seen this treatment before on TV but I can't remember on which show exactly. I haven't been to a spa that offers one so I guess I'm pretty lucky that I get to avail this treatment here. So what is Paraffin Treatment all about? As Liz explained on her post, it helps improve the blood circulation and make the skin soft and smooth at the same time.

Photo taken from their Facebook Page.

The nail technicians assigned to me were Jerlyn and Leila. They have really soft and light hands. Just look at me on this picture almost falling asleep. 

I was really relaxed during the session. They made sure that the pressure they exert in doing my mani/pedi was just right.

At the other side of my chair is Liz having some trouble picking which color she'd put on her nails.

And here's the paraffin part.

They first applied this hot liquid like melted wax on my hands. They first applied on a small area to test if I can handle the heat (though there was a time that it was too hot since the liquid needed some reheating). They applied lots of layers til my hands looked like I had white gloves on made of candle wax. :P

They then covered it with plastic and left it there for 10 minutes. They even have a stop watch to make sure that they take it off in time.

Also had a foot massage while I wait. Jerlyn really knows what she's doing. I don't usually like getting massages because I'm not someone who likes being touched, but I actually enjoyed the massage session!

So after ten minutes, they removed the plastic...

And then peeled off the wax...

And voila! A fresh-looking hand!

My hands really felt soft and relaxed. I can really feel the difference since I know how stressed my hands have been because as someone who always paints and draws, I usually get my hands overworked. 

Then some pretty nail polish, which I chose, was applied.
I wasn't able to take photos for my NOTD because I did some acrylic painting that night and stained my nails. Boohoo me. :( Sorry. :(

And after the nails dried (used a nail dryer to make the drying time shorter), the session was done! Liz finished minutes before I did and she even fell asleep. Haha!

So before we left, we had to take a picture with April and gave our thanks for inviting us and letting us experience a nail spa haven, literally. Thanks, again! :D

We left the place very satisfied and we're thinking of coming back again. I promised Liz a lash extension session next. Hopefully we get our scheds clear so we can go back as soon as possible! :D

We recommend you to try the services at Princess Haven NailSpa. They offer ones for male and children too! It really is a place to bond whatever your gender and age is!

Below are the services offered with the corresponding affordable rates for your reference:

And here's a map to the spa:

So do drop by Princess Haven. Maybe we'll see you there some time. :)

Princess Haven is open everyday from 10am-9pm. For inquiries, you can contact them on their Facebook page, this email:, or call them at this number: +63 2 403 8975.


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